Friday, March 11, 2011

So, weight loss...not so much. Weight maintenance I have down. Too bad my body is maintaing a weight that is considered 2lbs off of 'obese' for my height. I don't feel obese. I mean, I can wear size 8 is that obese. I think they need to look at those numbers again. Would I love to lose 20 pounds? Heck to the yes. But, after talking with my sister about her struggles the past 4 years, my odds don't look great. She has been gaining 5 pounds every year, despite the fact that she's a health nut and a crazy lady that runs many many miles a day. It seems to be a genetic issue, as you can see the trend in my other sister, mother, etc. horomones. i tell ya. I won't give up, but it sucks to work so hard for maintenance. My doctor actually suggested I take Alli. Alli--the poop drug. Somehow I am not enticed by the reviews. Gross. Also, fatty food intake isn't my issue. I eat fairly well. I mean, sure, I have my indulgences, but on the whole I'm conscious about what I put into my body. Also, he pretty much welcomed me to middle age. I want to remind him that i'm turning 27, not 47. I'm quarter aged thanks!