Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ava's BFF starts Kindergarten

When Chris and I moved into the neighborhood, Madison was 16 months old. Now she's starting kindergarten. Here's Mads and Ava on her first day!

Monday, August 30, 2010

new beginnings

so we survived week 1 of back to school for Chris. He has some new meds which seem to really be helping him to focus. YEAY! I love modern medicine. I've been getting up with him at 7 so that I can make him breakfast and be sure his lunch is packed. Having a full tummy makes for an easier afternoon. I feel like packing his lunch is healthier, even if they aren't the best lunches some days. It's definitely cheaper. He has worked so hard to lose those 40 pounds and keep them off, so I'm trying to keep his lunches well rounded and yummy.

Ava has her orientation tomorrow for preschool. I'm excited. Slightly sad. I know she will love it. She's very excited that she gets to go with her Hayden Buddy. Her bff Madison starts kindergarten today. I'm so sad for some reason. I love little Mads and can't believe she's old enough for KINDERGARTEN. She was 18 months when we moved in. She will love it. I hope she makes lots of friends.

Did I mention we are refinancing? We got a 3.875 and I can't wait to close. I'm used to the streamline process, where it's like...1 week later and you're closed. This time we went from FHA to Conv. and it feels like it's taking AGES. Ok so it's been like 10 days. We have a great loan officer at Zions Mortgage Line though, Angie Shaw, and it'll be fabulous.

I'm pretty excited about the rain we've had, and the slightly cooler temps. I believe that means that Fall is on its way. Sure it's due to get back up in the 90s later this week, but for today, I have the windows open, and tonight I will be picking from my in-laws garden and helping to can. HARVEST TIME!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

school day 1

I hate my new blog look and can't figure out how to change it. So thus the non-posting Deb.

it's day 1 of the fall semester for Chris. I tend to be overly dramatic, and today is no different. For the past 3 days, my heart has been so heavy. I've had Chris home ALL summer. Every night he was here to help me. He was here to snuggle and laugh and be my very best friend. SPOILED me. I know that as of today, the next 6 months....are going to be nothing like that. I will see him for dinner. I will be able to lay next to him at night, but there will be very little time for us to be together. He is taking 2 very difficult classes this semester-since weber state only offers them every other year, he has to take them now, or be pushed back in graduating schedule. Have I mentioned that I HATE weber state? LOATHE!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if I seem a little down, this is why. I think it will be good though, because it will kick me back into gear as far as being a great wife. I will now be in charge of the house and to keep his stress low, I need to be on top of things. The best thing I can do right now and for the next few months, is to make our home a place of order and peace. I may need some pointers as I seem to have forgotten a few things over the past few months. Cooking dinners on a daily basis. Grocery shopping effectively. Budgeting. Packing lunches. Sending Ava to preschool--which I've been counting the days for since last year, but am a little sad about as well. It's going so fast. Hopefully, I will get all this sadness out of me today, and be able to be the rockstar he will need me to be from today on.