Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Wednesday, Val flew in from Portland. Her flight came in at 10am. And by 10:30 I still couldn't find her in the airport...and realized that I couldn't remember her phone number. I had her paged haha so fun! Note to self--devise a plan for these things. She'd been outside thinking I'd just do the passenger pick up thing since she didn't have luggage. It was so awesome to see her. She loved loved LOVED the mountains. Too bad the air was so thick and dirty that the view was severely tainted. Anyway...we went home to drop things off and headed to the smart style to get our hair done. Hers turned out awesome. red with some blonde highlights...and we'll not talk about mine. I'll only say that the whole experience has cured me of paying $80 on my hair. Ava was so good the whole time. She was tired, but didn't throw a huge fit or anything. I was very proud of her. She passed out on the way home and stayed out for about 3 hours.
Madison came over about 3-so that her mom could go to her dr. appointment. Val and I made brownies with caramel and pb layers mmmmmmmm they were SO ridiculously awesome. Then, we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that were equally amazing. I love Val's baking. We went out for dinner-since Val is a vegetarian, and I can't seem to create dinner without using chicken. :) We got SUSHI! We went to this great place in Ogden. The enviornment was awesome, but for being the only people in the restaraunt, it took forever. I realized that for me to enjoy sushi, the salmon must be smoked, because completely raw makes me gag. This was my 2nd sushi adventure in my lifetime. The kind Chris got--vegas? was really awesome. The cost wasn't too bad either for 4 of us to eat.
Thursday we got up and made pinapple stuffing and yummy yams. We then took the super long way to Salt Lake through the Canyon so that Val could see the mountains. It took us like over an hour, but it was great. We had dinner with my family and had a fabulous time. While perusing the Black Friday ad I noticed that Shopko was open till 8pm that night and had a 40 peice Mr*Mrs Potato head set for $9.99. Can we say SCORE? It's usually like $40 --insane. So I ran out and bought it right then. Friday morning we took Val to the airport and dropped her in time to literally RUN to her gate and just barely make her plane. I'm great at goodbyes. We then drove straight to St. George to spend the rest of the weekend with Chris's family. I'd been in St George for about 10 minutes when I started crying like a 5 year old that my best friend was gone. I'm not sure why it took so long to hit me, but it did. Pie dulled the pain fairly well.

I'd have to say that the "sales" really disappointed me this year. Nothing seemed a good deal. I'm a really picky shopper of steals I guess...but hello, there's no reason for a wagon to be $100, or a copy of the wizard of oz to be $60-as Hilary informed me today. WHAT THE CRAP?

I will say, it was awesome to make the trip to St George for only $30 each way for gas. Yeay for it only being less than $20 to fill my Saturn.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

so today i worked very hard in my yard. I cut back my mums, weeded, put down special dirt, and did mulch in the back. Special thank you to my fabulous neighbor Hilary for sharing their dinner with my family. Not only was it ridiculously delicious, but without it, my family would have surely starved, because I cannot move. My over-achieving attitude towards the flower beds has resulted in a soreness I have not ever before known, right to the hands even aching. And of course, there is not a Tylenol to be found. UGH! The saddest part is...I didn't even finish yet. I ran out of the special soil before I finished the front, and from how much mulch it took to do the back bed, I'd say there are about 6 more bags to do up front. I will say, however, that I know it will be worth it. The back looks SO much better. SO much better. And...hopefully, my bulbs will bloom in the spring. I planted tulips and some other flower I can't spell. Thanks to Mary for her bulb food--now they won't starve during winter. Thanks to Chris for helping me up the stairs tonight when I got about 6 from the top and pretty much decided that's where I would die. *yes, I am a bit of a drama queen*

Val flies in at 10 am .... wooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo! Get ready for some serious shenanigans.

p.s. the house is still a mess. ga! one back breaking--literally eh?--task at a time I suppose.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

THANK YOU!!! for calming me down and for the referrals and raves of your docs and ORMC experiences.

I am a carters/oshkosh fanatic. I get coupons all the time. I wasn't sure if any of you out there are fans, but here's a coupon that you can print out and take with you to carters.
There's a new carters store on RIVERDALE ROAD, right next to Dress Barn.

And if you fancy a drive to Park City, Draper or St George to visit the Oshkosh be sure to take this coupon for some extra savings.

I have mondo work to do. Chris and I have been wanting to go see the new Bond, and have plenty of offers from people to watch Aves, and I think we're finally going to go tonight. If the stars all align ;) we might just have a date night...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok I need some serious input here.

My current OBGYN is an IHC doc. I had Ava at McKay Dee-in my opinion, one of the cleanest, most beautiful hospitals ever, with one killer cafeteria! I love them and have always received top notch care when we go.

Our company's insurance quote for 09 went up 12%!!!! So, they are voting between staying with the current provider--and employees--rightfully so--absorbing the cost, or switching to a new plan, which does NOT cover IHC facilities or doctors.

Not only does this mean I have to switch doctors in my last trimester--fun fun--but I CAN'T DELIVER AT MCKAY DEE!!!!! I'm a hospital SNOB. I admit that right off. My options: Davis or Ogden Regional

I went to see Kira when she had Jayden at Davis, and was disgusted by the room. It was dirty and dingy and about 20 years old. I realize they've had some updates lately and are rated for their maternity care, but the one time I was taken there for ER visit, I left with a bladder infection and UTI, and no, I wasn't admitted with either. Also, instead of sending my insurance company a bill, so that they could get paid for that ER fun--they threw me straight into collections. Not a great experience.

I have never been to Ogden Regional so I don't know anything good or bad.

So if you've delivered either place, please give me your experience. Give me a referral of a GREAT OBGYN. I have to have a c-section, as Ava was delivered that way, and I don't want to chance tearing my scar from her birth. You can email me if you don't want to leave it here.

Company input is supposed to be submitted by tomorrow on our votes for either taking the increase, or switching...yikes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ava was playing in the bath for about 45 minutes today. I usually heat the water a 2nd time and then once it goes cold, it's over. She would stay in the bath all day if I let her. I pulled the plug and brought in a towel. I asked her to stand up (as bending over isn't one of my specialties anymore) and she definately laid belly down and continued to play. I laughed and when the water was all out, threw the towel on her and said..."where's ava?" She laughed and didn't come out. So I walked out to the hallway, waited a minute, came back in and said..."where's Ava" there was no response. I walked closer and heard a rumbling....the towel moved up and down slowly to the rhythm of her SNORES! she had fallen asleep in the bathtub.

Considering she had been up since 5am I can't say that I was TOO surprised, but was a little shocking that in the minute I was in the hall she had passed out in an empty bathtub.
I picked her up...she still snored.
I carried her into her room...snoring continued
Pulled off the towel....snoooooooooooore
Put her into her bed...eyes SHOT open and she screamed ...NO I PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

She has been up since. I even took her for 2 car rides thinking if she'd been SO exhausted as to fall asleep in the empty tub that she'd surely fall asleep in the car seat...but no. She's been playing and all over the place not showing even the smallest sign of the energy ending. I've heard power naps can be amazing...but a 2 minute power nap? She did, however, bring me a blanket and took my glasses when we were watching "toons" and said "mommy a nap! shhh night night" I was so extremely tired that I almost took her up on it....but the that's a BAD idea kept me awake. It's now almost 5pm....long long LONG day...the minute she crashes...SO AM I.

end of my sanity rope

Ava has been getting up between 5-6am the past couple of weeks. She only sleeps about 9 hours a night now, which means I get between 6-7 on a good night where she isn't having bad dreams, and the baby isn't kicking my bladder fiercely.

This morning, Chris was so sweet and took her downstairs until 8 so that I could get in extra sleep. He needs the sleep more than I do, as he's coming into the last 4 weeks of the semester, but he did it anyway. He is amazing.

It's now almost 11am and I'm feeling about 2am. HOW DOES SHE DO THIS?!?! I realize she gets a long afternoon nap--generally 3 hours--and I don't...but!

How do I get her to sleep until the sun comes up? Any creative ideas? I can't do this much longer.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good news! Ava's runny nose is all better! I took those smelly boots back to Charlotte Russe, and Ava is all better now. YEAY! for no cold.

She is, however, becoming more and more anti clothes & anti diaper. We had a huge battle last night after her bath. She wanted to go to bed in her birthday suit. I finally gave up thinking I'd wait until she was asleep and just put a diaper on her. My first attempt was pathetically unsuccessful, but about midnight, she was out enough that I could get it on. She came in about 8am asking for fruit snacks and said "NO ELMO!" and pulled off her diaper. *Sigh* Any advice on how to get through this phase? She's terrified of sitting on the toilet seat that we got for her, but recognizes that is where she is supposed to potty and loves to flush, but won't sit there. I haven't really forced the potty training issue--and crap milk spill all over the couch.

Monday, November 10, 2008

new postage

after a slight hiadus i've become a posting machine. anyway..chris is currently vaccuuming since I'm not feeling well, and Ava's hanging out nakey in her Thomas chair as a protest against clothes and diapers. Ahhh toddlers.

I just heard that the new marketing laws for Title companies have been passed. We have 45 days to put it into effect. Mixed emotions. It's weird. I've known this was coming for 5 or 6 months now...and it's here. Will I continue to do odd jobs with Inwest; will I do a part time gig elsewhere; will I cease being an employee all together and be only mom? many questions...with answers yet to come.

also.. a bit random but a slight need to celebrate. As of Friday's car payment, our car loan is UNDER $7,000!!!!!! woooo hoooooo!

have a good laugh

ava had a rough night last night. no fever. but a very congested little body. about 5am we put her in a bath and gave her Benadryl. then, she did the cutest thing....she closed her eyes, folded her arms and started a prayer. she rattled off bless hayden, and madison, and lana. and play wis madison and hayden and lana. amen. she did this 3 times during her bath. she was really wanting to feel better so she could play with them later. she fell back to sleep about 6 and got up at 8 and is running around as if she wasn't up all night. i barely got out of bed. i had a pile of work waiting for me too-joy! she is still having some nasal congestion but i think it might be an allergy to those stupid boots i bought at charlotte russe. they smell like gasoline. my whole house reaks now. i think i'm going to take those back--it's not worth it man.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We got online access to view our family proofs. We haven't decided on which prints to get. They can swap heads--weird!!! get rid of Ava's resemblance to Pebbles Flintstone's hair and make me appear less "biggest loser contestant" hahaha which is awesome. We won a free sitting...and I have a $100 gift certificate so woot!

here's the link if you want to see them

The bow for Ava provided by Hilary! Thanks again!!!!! It was so perfect

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