Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some Wedding Pictures

Chris's sister-Natalie, got married on May 31st of this year. Her photographer --the ever fabulous RUSS DIXON-finally put her proofs up online. I've added some of our family. There were no pictures of us a family taken-just me, Chris and Ava--which makes me sad.
Also, it was a VERY long day for Ava--which is why she was not too camera happy.
If you have an hour to kill--and want to see some AMAZING photography, check out the shots here

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Affair to Remember

Pizza and I go WAY back. It's been many great years, and now...for a while, I have to bid my love of pizza adieu. It seems that the baby doesn't just dislike Hunts spaghetti sauce, but tomato sauces in general. I am a MAD LOVER of tomatoes. I mean...I eat them like some people eat apples. Back home there's a place that makes a wicked white pizza--but I have yet to find a place in Utah that even offers that as an option. So long my love...until we meet again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Learning the Hard Way

Today, while Ava and I went out to check the mail, Lana and Hayden spotted us. We went to the backyard, where I noticed although it's dying and looks's actually eerily wet all the time. Ava was invited by Lana to come play on the swing set. Eventually Riley, and even Kate came out. It was so much fun. Ava decided she wanted to play on the slide though, and despite several warnings and attempts to teach her otherwise, she walked right in front of the swing that Hayden and Lana were swinging on. She was hit and flew to the ground. Poor was weird how I saw it happen in slow motion and couldn't get to her fast enough. Lana felt so bad, but we all let her know it wasn't her fault. Ava shouldn't have walked right in front of them. Riley was so cute and immediately went to get Ava some ice. Hilary got her a drink and some motrin, along with a package of fruit snacks, because really--fruit snacks make EVERYTHING better. Ava survived!!! She came home and took a 3 hour nap and is now back to normal. No bruise or anything. I hope that she learned her lesson, but somehow I doubt it. Which means...I'd better get some serious fruit snacks in reserve for the next playground blunder.

Mixed Feelings...

In May...we found out that the Title Commission was going to be amending the Marketing Laws--rendering about 90% of what I currently do for longer legal. It was rumored at that time, that the new laws would come into effect by July. Melissa called me immediately after she found out, so that I could 1. Hear it from her first and 2. Not FREAK OUT. I have a tendency to freak out when it comes to my job--and it being non-secured--which is why I think she kept me on even after Ava was born. I was so positive that I could pull it off, and do it better from home than anyone else could do it at the office...that she had faith in me. I've been so grateful for that trust the past 19 months. It hasn't all been a dream--but having my income, and my role as a mom has been innumerable blessings. Well now, July is almost over, and I am still here. As it usually can be expected, there have been delays in meetings, more dialog than action etc, but they have a new proposed date for passing the laws. September 9th.
No labels can be provided from Title Companies to Clients.
No leads may be generated by Title Companies.
No software may be paid by Title Companies for intent to distribute information to Clients.
Well--horray Utah, you have knocked out 90% of my working day.

There are many pros to this new set of laws being enforced. We pay out thousands of dollars a year in these programs, labels, my salary, to provide this information to clients--who do not always bring the business back our way. It's a 100% faith came, and if you put the faith and the leads into the wrong hands, you foot the bill with no rewards. Another exciting point is that instead of racing in lead time, we can finally be appreciated and known for our excellent Title Commitments and service. It gets us back to we're the best--because we provide the best Insurance and Searches...which is really what our clients should be concerned about in the first place. They are also raising the minimums for Title Fees to $250--so we will no longer have to fight these $75 closing fee companies that are a joke anyway.

It is bitter sweet. I know it's caused my FIL some great deal of stress, as it means that Inwest may no longer have a full time place for me. But, I think I'm ok with that. Especially since we have another baby on the way. I'm not sure how I'll figure out my day without racing to my computer, or sitting with a lappy glued to me awaitng lead requests etc....but I know that it'll be beneficial to Ava, as I'll have time to take her to parks, adventures, etc without worrying about what calls I may be missing--or emails that aren't being answered.

About 18 months ago...we started the Dave Ramsey plan of getting out of debt. We paid off over $20,000 in debt-my student loans, the credit card that Chris never held a running balance on but always had, and almost all of the car. We've got a good $7,000 left on it grrrrr stupid car loan. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! Anyway--I see now, how that came into our lives at just the perfect moment. Because now, the idea that I may lose my job and we may lose my salary--isn't a panic or FREAK OUT. We can live on Chris's income alone. We're going to have the car note a bit longer than we may like, but we are going to be totally fine. We've been spending my salary on fun and throwing chunks of money at the car. And if we decide that it's no fun to have me without work, I've done just about everything legal there are plenty of fall backs. Chris has worked extremely hard all his life, and now he's got the paycheck, that is about the same as what we made combined when we got married. How funny is that?

So, while I would be sad to leave Inwest as a full timer, I see the pros and the blessings...and I think we're going to be ok...that I'm going to be ok.

Monday, July 28, 2008

List to Avoid

Spaghetti Sauce--Hunts, some reason Classico doesn't bother me
Ranch Dressing

So far, these are the smells that get me down right non functional. Although, after spending the weekend seeing how Becca's pregnancy is going I feel pretty fortunate. She has horrific migraines all hours and is so sick. She looks amazing, but feels awful.

Last night, I made spaghetti, and for some reason the sauce didn't really bother me that badly, toward the end, it was making me gag though. Then last night, as I was cleaning up and soaking it, I suddenly got very sick. This morning, I tried to wash it again and am now shaking I feel so gross. I hate throwing up, plus I don't want to freak Ava out. I tend to cry when I throw up and she gets very worried when I cry. Her nose is still running off and on. I wish I knew what was causing it. The doctor said she isn't sick...she's most likely getting her molars. She has wanted ICE a I guess that could be it, although I don't see any activity back there.

Well I'm going to throw out these tissues, and put Ava down for a nap-hopefully and then...suck down more preggie pops

Friday, July 25, 2008

Worst Mother of the Year

So tonight, I did...the most stupid I have ever done...and I've done STUPID. We were returning home from taking Chris and his co-workers dinner. They are working late switching the network blah blah lots of hours of work. Chris had loaded up Ava and we waved goodbye and she and I headed home. When I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car, Ava said "KEYS PLEASE", and I handed her my keys, stepped out of my door, and without even a thought, locked my door. I then walked to her door to open it, and it was LOCKED. Chris had locked the door after putting Ava in her car seat. And there she sat, shaking the keys. I was horrified. I ran inside (thankfully I hadn't locked the house) and grabbed the find it was DEAD! Chrissy and her hubby saved my life tonight. They let me use their phone then came over with me to entertain Ava. I called a locksmith--who never showed. After waiting the given 20 minutes (which, HELLO MY KID IS LOCKED IN THE CAR...AND IT'S SUMMER) I called the police. Two sets came to my home and rescued Ava from the very hot car. Even though the sun had set, and prior to turning off the engine, we'd been blasting AC, the car was still VERY hot, and little Ava was all red after almost 40 minutes of being in the car. She was a real champ. She only cried a little, and kept up her spirits, while comforting her baby doll. She was calm and courageous. I am proud of her. She came in and we gave her a bath...and hopefully she will have no lasting effects from this nightmare. Please pass the horrible mention award this way...

Leavin on a jet plane

So, last night, Sarah and I devised our plan. Her plane was going to take off at 10 am. We figured with traffic in Farmington, we'd leave at 7...and hopefull get there at 8, giving her time to get through security etc and have no stress about missing the flight. I didn't sleep at all. I kept waking up ever 45 minutes thinking I had over slept. I hate doing that! I stress myself out so badly. So at quarter to 7 I went downstairs to see if she was ready to load up, and the poor girl was still asleep. I woke her up and she packed the car in a mad dash. We woke up little Ava--poor baby--and put her sleepily in her car seat with some "milkies" for the trip. There was NO traffic. NONE. It was so bizzare. We got to the airport in record time. Ava caught onto what was happening and started to cry. I looked back and told her it would be ok and that Aunt Sarah would be back in a few weeks. She wiped her eyes and said...K BYE. As we drove off, she blew kisses to Sarah...and then one to every person directing the mad traffic at the drop off zone. It was adorable. We got home with NO traffic too. My assessment is that either Front Runner is packed-leaving I-15 bare, or people took today off to and are enjoying a 4 day weekend, perhaps it's a combo. But I've never gotten through Farmington with such ease. It was fabulous. I hope it stays that way. A no stress I-15 trip is the ONLY WAY to go now.

I still have some fabulous cupcakes if anyone will PLEASE come have some. They are soooooooooo good, but I can only eat one a day, and that leaves me with like 6 left. We even took some over to Matt and Angie last night and threatened them that if they didn't take some, we'd throw them at their house--ok I didn't...but Matt was pretty sure that we had put laxatives in them as a joke-instead of chocolate chips. I assured him they were laxative free...and they took some off our hands.

I am exhausted, and The Jayne is down for an early nap--and so I think I will catch a few winks between phone calls myself.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day

Today, as a holiday, is one that I'm still getting used to. My first, official, Pioneer Day, was experienced my freshman year at the y of I...when all of Rexburg shut down. I understand the recognition of the day, in honor of the Pioneers, but people spend the day doing that? It seems to have become just another day off to do housework, or lay around. What is one supposed to do on Pioneer Day anyway?

As for us, we spent some of the day just hanging out as a family. Ava voluntarily took her nap--which is so cool--and Chris and I went to lunch, which made me pretty sick actually. YEAY FOR PREGGIE POP DROPS--which I am now ridiculously addicted to. We spent the evening at the Hooper House for a fab BBQ by mom and Dad. Joye was there. It was so great to see her. She goes at like 80 mph, and for being 79, puts everyone to shame. We had a nice swim, where Ava chose to repeatedly go under to learn to swim. She's so adventerous, but also cautious and made sure to only dip her face when mommy and daddy had her. She went down the water slide a few times and loved it!

We then popped in Nat's wedding video--and had peach icecream. YUM. Now, it's bed time. I have to take Sarah to the airport at like 8. UGH not that excited about that. Traffic is sure to be a mess.

Journal Entries...yes that's right

I just want to clarify a few things about this family "blog." It is first, and foremost a family journal. I have never been good at keeping a hand written journal, as my hands cramp crazily, and pen/pencil smears all over my hand since I'm a lefty. Also, with Ava being a lover of all things draw related, if I kept one hand written, it would soon be illegible and covered in colorful swirls--compliments of her great artistic vision. I realize, of course, that being an open to public "blog," that there will be some people reading this that I know...and oddly some people reading this that I don't. It's a tad out of my comfort zone--but the way things are.

Lately, it has come to my attention that due to its public nature, I need to be cautious about my journaling. That sounds so bizzare to me. Isn't the point of having a journal, so that one may reflect upon circumstances--all encompassing of action, emotion, thoughts etc? I take this time to state--that if I choose to continue this family journal, that I will not be editing out thoughts, emotions, actions etc in hopes of never hurting feelings. The #1 issue lately is that of my pregnancy. Yes, I posted it here, without calling family and friends--but 2 miscarriages in a row, can make telling people directly about a pregnancy difficult...somehow knowing that I can write online about a miscarriage--and my feelings, knowing I don't have to hear or watch someone else's reaction to it, is easier. I don't need another person's reaction to the death of my be honest. And thus, I chose not to share this information personally until I was ready. I was not wanting to start telling people until I could SEE the baby-or at least until I had my quant levels-to be sure the baby was growing, but by then it was too late. However, due to people reading this and spreading the news on my behalf, family and friends have been hurt and don't understand my view. I apologize if you're hurt--but really, my pregnancy is none of your business until I make it your business. Maybe that's a rude, harsh thing to say...but it's the way that I feel honestly. Instead of my family being excited about us being pregnant-and so far STAYING pregnant, they are hurt...and that's just so odd to me.
Also, by expressing my thoughts on one family...and the children, does not demean every other kid and family that Ava plays with. I don't understand how or why I'm even in this scenario that I presently have found myself drowning in, or why I should have to explain this...but apparently I do. I've lived here almost 3 years, and yet have found myself strangely...alone. Mostly, it's my fault. I haven't had the gumption to go out and make friends. Angie and Matt were the first family that we really connected with, and in all honesty, I owe our friendship to Matt. He came over day after day...or waved for us to come over day after day and broke through our shyness. We love Madison-their daughter, and she has been a sister to Ava. She's helped to teach her sharing, words, walking...everything. This is the first year that I've actually had almost daily interactions with Angie and gotten to really know her. She's funny, and sweet and I love her. She really has been grounding to me...if that makes any sense. Hilary has made several attempts to befriend us, and it hasn't really been since this past summer, that I finally had the guts to be her friend. I'm still not that great of one...and am still struggling with my shyness, but I feel much more comfortable these days with her--and yes, I love her children. Why my growing friendship with that family has to threaten all others is something that I simply do not understand. I'm so beyond confused here, and that's why this entry is so jumbled. If you don't like the tone which I use to write, or my verbiage, or that you're not featured...stop reading. It's that simple. Instead of using my posts to spread rumors, and to break down friendships that I have really struggled to create, just don't read. I am so incredibly hurt that someone whom I considered a friend would do that. What joy and justification could someone possibly get out of hurting friendships??
I don't mean to burn bridges, but I felt I needed to be clear. This is a family journal--I will be better at journaling some days than others...and I will not always be in a rational writing mode--that's me though. Anyway--until next time--

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sa-J made cupcakes today. As I do not bake ... ever ... Ava's not used to having fabulous smells omitting from the kitchen. She ran to the oven, seeing them and wanted them right away. It's been interesting.

I finished the 2nd coat in the bathroom. I REALLY hate the color. So, if anyone would like to recommend a non horrid color, come on over with a pallet, and I'm up to suggestions. Although, I'm tired of painting in there. It's small and hot and yeah. complain. complain. Sometimes I want to take a sledgehammer to parts of this house. The floor plan doesn't make sense in SO many areas. But, I should be grateful for having a home this early in my life. Seriously, we bought this home when I was 21...just a few months after we got married. My parents didn't own their own home until they'd been married like 15 years. I just need to remind myself how blessed we are, more often that I remind myself how parts of it drive my crazy.

Ava's having a hard afternoon--she was awoken early from her nap by my clumsiness. CRAP THE WATER IS STILL ON OUTSIDE

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Pants Don't Fit

I'm only 7 weeks, and my pants already don't fit.

Great News

So, I called my Dr. office this morning to get the results from the billion tubes of blood they took from me last Friday--they were hoping my levels would be at 2,000, but if not, they'd continue to bleed me every few days until they were. Well after 15 minutes on hold-holy cow by the way-I was told that my levels are at 31,000. Yeah that's great news!!! They scheduled my ultrasound for August 8th @ 9am. I'm SO excited. Almost 2 weeks and I'll be able to see my baby!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coping with Nausea

My family has been so fabulous about my constant state of nausea. I'm 98% unaffected if I'm lying down, however, once I am vertical, I'm not much fun. I don't throw up much--mostly, because I'm far too stubborn to let myself throw up. There are very few things in this life that I've lived that I dislike greater than throwing up-but it's like #3 on my top most hated things. Mostly, I make it a point to whine every minute or two about how gross I feel, then state what a blessing it is, because if I'm still sick, then the baby is growing.
SARAH JO IS BAAAAAAAAACK. Summer semester at the Y of I is out, and thus my sister Sa-J returns to our home for a visit. She'll be with us until next Friday and then she's headed back to PA for a 5 week stint. She watched Ava last night so Chris and I could have a date. Then, she cleaned my living room and kitchen today. AMAZING! She's a power house man. It takes me a good 40 minutes to get my kitchen in the condition she gets it in 10. I've never seen anything like it.
Today, we were in charge of sharing time in primary. It was a disaster. The kids were all riled up, despite everyone's attempts to get them to be reverent. I thought that handing out suckers prior to the activity would keep their mouths busy-creating a teaching environment, and that back fired INSANELY. I got through it though, picked up a very tired Ava and headed home--leaving Chris to handle the 10 kid class time himself. What a hero he is! Ava passed out about 2 minutes after we got home. Sa-J picked up Chris from church for me so that I could stay down for a bit.
We headed out to Hooper about 6:30, where we enjoyed dad's homemade rosemary bread, dipped in Balsamic Vinegar from Greece, and oil. It was nothing short of fabulous. Then, we made Ghiridelli triple chocolate brownies--which were....more incredible than that sounds. Scott, Min and the boys came out--Davis spent a good hour doing everything to make Ava laugh. I am pretty sure that he's quite possibly her favorite kid to be around. Caydon convinced Min, Sandi, Sa-J and I to play a round of Apples to Apples--we played to 8 green cards. I won!! It was a lot of fun.
About 10 pm we all headed home. I love family Sundays--whether it's in Hooper with Chris's family-or in West Jordan with mine, there's something fun and comforting about them. Suddenly I want Spaghetti. But I only have spicy sauce, and that could be a very bad idea at this late hour.
On the task for tomorrow--lending baby car seat to Joye, for Jade's baby. OH YES! Jade, Mark and baby Chloe are in town from DC and this weekend they are doing her blessing. NOTE TO SELF--START CALLING FOR SUBS MONDAY!!! ok good now I won't forget. Also, finish laundry, and other stuff I can't remember.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Should I post this?

What the heck? It's supposed to be a journal I shall. The past two weeks I've been feelin funky. Sunday, I took a 3 hour nap, which is really out of character for me. Today, I woke up out of pure necessity--Ava. I knew that I had slept a solid 8 hours, but felt like it was 3 am. Then, I opened the fridge to put something away and smelled something that didn't agree to me, heading me to make an offering to the Porceline God. I couldn't for the life of me find my keys, and all morning Ava was coming up to me saying, "I want juice PLEASE!"-which is odd, because she rarely has it-since I don't keep it in the house. Chris got home from class and I grabbed his keys and headed to walgreens. Which-at this point I MUST intercede to say the next time you go...purchase this dove bar...peanut and toffee-and you will NOT regret it. I grabbed one of that...some V8 Vfusion, and a box of 3 pregnancy tests. I've been thinking I am pregnant for a couple of weeks, but wanted to wait until I was at LEAST 5 weeks out to avoid that 4.5 week miscarriage that could be unknown if I hadn't tested so dang early. It came out POSITIVE. HORRAY!!! My doc thinks I am 5 weeks out, and the verdict is still out as to whether we should do bi-weekly quant levels to track the pregnancy and make sure it's progressing, or to just wait 2-3 weeks and have an ultrasound. In the meantime I am staring at my house which is in disaray from various painting projects, broken down appliances, and my total lack of energy. Chris did fix the dishwasher issue, so that's back to functioning! HORRAY. It always gets worse before it gets better right? EY. Don't let DCFS into my house ok? Thanks.

I'm off to fold laundry, and then pass out. No midnight post tonight baby. I have a 10am meeting tomorrow, and a confirmed baby sitter--and need to be human.

What is with my late night/early morning posting?

Ok I am making an insane habit of blogging past midnight. Someone has got to stop this MADNESS. Today...what happened today...oh yes! *takes a moment for the brain to kick in now and then* So about 9:45 this morning, as I was sitting on my couch watching some really boring cartoon with Ava--that's supposed to be super educational--in my robe with my bed head...I come to the shocking realization that I was supposed to be meeting a client with my boss at 10am in Layton. I can't even express the pure terror that raced through my body. You would never know this by our behavior, but I HATE being late. We are 98% of the time late everywhere we go, but I hate it none the less. I called Hilary-but she was headed to her moms with the kids--hope you had a blast btw! and thanks for being someone I know I can call frantically and that you'll understand my panic of gibberish. I called Angie and got no answer. I ran upstairs and faked a bun, and then threw on my blue suit---yeay for suits that make anyone look fab instantly~! I then grabbed the first pair of shoes I HEELS--grrr, and picked up Ava and diapers and started knocking doors. I wish I was kidding. Thankfully, Mary was home and was so sweet to let Ava come over. I didn't even realize that she already had 2 extra kids with her until I picked up that must have been a full house. I raced to the office, and got there 5 minutes late. We had a great meeting-none the less, and I was so excited to get home to my Ava Jayne. I sometimes go crazy working from home, but even when I am gone for an hour at the office, my heart aches to be with her. Is that irony?
So Ava napped and I worked. And then she woke up and we had pizza-because Chris had removed the disposal last night, but the store closed before he could get a new one. I took Ava with me to Lowes, which I can't seem to get enough of. Can I please go back to hating it? It's expensive to love Lowes. I ended up getting more paint supplies, and a new color--which I did my bathroom in tonight--not really sure if I'm lovin it. I may need a 2nd coat and a few days to judge. And a few opinions. This is the 3rd color I've tried in this space, and nothing seems to fit just right. LISA LAPORTA HELP ME!
In other news, Chris put in the new disposal, and then ran a cycle on the dishwasher. See, the disposal--post breakage, drained into the dishwasher, making a really unique and barf-like aroma. So, he figured he'd run an empty cycle--or 2 to clean it out. Only now...the dishwasher isn't draining. OI VEY! Which has inspired the following:

Dear Murphy,
Welcome to our home--obviously, you're enjoying your stay in our kitchen, as you move from one appliance to the next. I would greatly appreciate it if your cousins, broke-desperate-and stupid, would remain far far away during your visit to our we do have limited space for guests. May your sojourning leave you far far far away from our home...for a VERY long time.
Yours-but hopefully not for much longer,
The Copes

Chris-now feeling extra manly from fixing the disposal, and mounting our TV with the wires in the wall, and wiring Ethernet through the house, is confident he can take on the dishwasher. I told him I'm pretty sure it's under a year old...and there's a chance we can just call the company and tell them they sold us a piece of crap-and request they replace it with something not so crummy, however, he still wants to give it a shot. He's so smart. How I ended up with him I will never quite figure out. He's truly one of a kind.
Ava had a slight fever tonight--I think it's probably a reaction to her shot. One dose of tylonol and a bath broke the fever, and she let me rock her to sleep singing to her. I love when she lets me do that. It is the best feeling to hold her close and just watch her. I can't get enough of her. No matter how much I look at her, I am always finding new things, and constantly amazed by her beauty. Even though I dreamed of Ava, years before she came here, she is still far more than I could have ...comprehended.
Well, tomorrow and Thursday are marketing blitzes statewide, and thus I will be the only marketer "in" the whole day. I should probably that I'm at least somewhat human tomorrow.

Monday, July 14, 2008

18 Month Well Check

Ava had her well check appt this morning. It was the first appointment in the last year that she didn't cry the whole time. I was really proud of her. She was shy though. She answered a few of the doctor's questions herself, and then turned to me for the rest. She's 32.5" and almost 24 pounds. Marshmellow. Her head is the largest part of her body--at 47.5 cm. Looks like she's taking after her daddy. :) She got a hep A shot in her left leg--which she was none too excited about, but she didn't cry for long, however now that we're home she's doing a walk-- walk-- whine routine. Poor little girl. She's done though-except for the flu shot each fall-until she goes into Kindergarden, so that's really nice.

When Dr. Strausser asked me for some of her vocab, I tried to get Ava to say the words themselves, but she was really shy. As soon as we get into the car, Ava starts running off the words she knows-puppy woof woof haha-duckie quack quack-it was unreal! She cracks me up.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quick Run Down

Nothing snazzy here, but just wanted to blog it out for a moment, in hopes of starting a habit. After only 4 hours of sleep, for both Ava and myself--I'd say we both had a pretty good day today. I'm sure Chris didn't get much more sleep than we did, as he surrendered the bed to us last night and relocated to the couch downstairs. Today was quite productive-despite our all night-partying of primary songs to the point of pure disillusion. We got up and had breakfast together, and snuggled for a while...then Chris decided it was time to put together the wardrobe set that has been dwelling in our living room for about 2 weeks now. We headed to the office to pick up his tools and grabbed our favorite Saturday grub-Rancheritos Breakfast Burrito--really it's amazing. It feeds all three of us for HOURS. Ava went down--quite reluctantly for a nap, and Chris and I got to work. We almost finished before she woke up. When she came into our room and saw the new closet stuff, she was pretty excited. Chris's side was being filled with fun gadgets, and mine was empty--and thus Ava claimed it as her very own brand new play space. She filled it with some styrofoam she found on the floor, and her baby. They danced to Billy Idol--yes we listen to Billy Idol--in the wardrobe. It was truly adorable. Much to my surprise we finished the closet in like 3 hours. Pretty incredible. I was not the best person to work with, as I had only had very minimal sleep. Perhaps I should have been forced to take an afternoon nap as well. We finished in time to shower, dress, and head over to Alena's party. It was nice to meet Mary and Mike's family--but we felt a tad out of place, because we didn't know anyone. We need to stop being so socially awkward. Seriously--as much as 15 year old me was annoying, at least she was fearless--where or where are you social deb??? Back in PA I guess.
We went to Wal*Mart to grab some grub for Dewey's baby blessing tomorrow. CRAP...I still need to find a sub. Why doesn't no one answer their phone? ..uh I digress...nearing 1am I really should be in bed...crazy crazy blog. As we were leaving with our Macaroni Salad and Fertilizer--stunning combo I know, we were so excited to see that amazing fireworks were going off just beyond the new Lowes. Clinton Days...HORRAY--sad though that I missed the carney rides. They were GORGEOUS fireworks though. We stayed for a bit, until we realized everyone was pulling into the lot, and if we ever wanted to get home, we'd have to leave before they ended. Now, post a TNT movie, with the sound off, and far too many commercials, we are headed to dreamland, where hopefully I will not dream of sharks ripping my legs off--thank you TNT movie. Pictures to follow soon...of Wardrobe building--Super Ava *good stuff you dont' want to miss it* and times!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Midnight Party

So, admittedly, after four...yes..four hours, I have snazzied up this blog. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration to make this something I can bare to claim.
So, why a double posting day? Ava had fallen asleep about 8 tonight. Exactly at 12am she awoke...screaming. OUCHY...OUUUUUUUUUUUUCH. I went downstairs and grabbed some milk-assuming she was probably just hungry. It took a good 20 minutes to calm her down, so she could take some tylenol, after which, she finally drank some milk and ate 1/2 a roll, and is now partying hard with Chris and I. YEAY. She is talking and talking...isn't medicine supposed to make her tired? Chris is being a champ and keeping her calm, whilst I blog away...He's trying to convince her to relax with her bear...but she is on to him and his devious daddy plans of putting her back to sleep; and I'm pretty sure her message is, "NO WAY!"
-Needless to say, the closet project has been post-poned.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Fun

I really need to learn how to jazz this blog up. HTML anyone? I am so not up with the times. Where do I start? Last night, we went out to the Hooper house to swim, and as we left, I grabbed the bag of diapers-too lazy to just pull out a few to take over. Around 10, I got the most horrid gas pains--seriously, I know--and couldn't drive home, so Chris drove...and we neglected to grab the bag of diapers to bring home. So, about 10 this morning, as Ava's trotting around the living room with her diaper between her knees full of lots of good stuff, I realized in horror, that I didn't have a single, solitary diaper in the house. I changed her...and let her be free for a moment while I tried to devise a plan. Chris had my car. My car held my wallet. So, here we stood, diaperless, with no ID or monies...thankfully, Hilary saved the day! We walked the 10 paces or so to Hil's back door and she graciously handed over a few diapers.
I hadn't planned to stay, but we were there for about an hour and had so much fun. Lana and Riley play so well with Ava--it's really wonderful. There's no screaming, no bossiness, they all just play well. They really are great girls. I love the respect they show to me as a mom, and their parents too. They are definitely girls that I love having so close to Ava as examples. Lana and I played hide and seek for like 20 minutes, and it was genuinely fun. When Hayden woke up, he was pretty excited to see Ava and immediately started showing her his toys and how they work. He calls her Baby--it's adorable. Even Kate was in on the action, sharing sippy cups and pacifiers with anyone up for a taste-and doin the best army crawl I've ever seen. That girl can MOVE! We left about 12 to put Ava down for her nap. She's stopped taking her 10:00 nap, and lately decides that she doesn't and won't nap until 1. That being the case, she was quite crouchy this afternoon. She stood at the back door pointing to Hilary's house calling out "" so I scooped her up and we knocked again. Hilary introduced me to some really awesome youtube videos, can't ever get enough of youtube man! LOVE IT! We had tons of fun with them.
Chris and I decided to go out for dinner, since Ava was tired, but wouldn't nap. We all got in the car, and headed to TGI Fridays. I shared my dinner with Ava; she loved it, and really it made the dinner the perfect portion for me. Then, much to Chris's dismay, we went to Babies R Us to get presents for Kate and Alena's birthdays coming up. We weren't even there 30 minutes, but both Chris and Ava were more than ready to go...I could have been there another hour, easily. Something about shopping for baby clothes...I have a sickness. Really. I do. I scored and got Ava a fleece sleeper for $7 for when it gets cold. Hey, I realize it's 103 every day, but winter comes in Utah, and it stays...a long time. I only got one, because I'm not sure if she'll grow or how much by then...and didn't want to be TOO hasty. I also got her a winter hat/glove set for $1.50. Seriously. INSANE! It's purple and strawberry shortcake. It should match her snow suit perfectly!
Chris is off to Sonic right now to rescue his debit card. Yes, funny. As we're sitting at TGI, we get our check and he opens his wallet to display no debit card. He looks at me...asking if I have it and we tell the waiter we'll need a moment. AWKWARD?!?!? So, thankfully--I called SaJ, and she got online to transfer funds from our checking acct to Chris's project account, and we were able to pay for dinner and presents with no humiliation. The waiter got a good laugh out of it I'm sure. That was really stressful for a moment. Chris was positive that I was the last one to use the card, when I got diapers this afternoon at Wal*Mart, but upon returning home, and checking the Saturn, he spotted remains of our lunch at Sonic, which we got AFTER Wal*Mart..and gave them a call. Luckily, they had it, and so he's gone to rescue it. Tonight, we're going to build our new closet system. I got it from Ikea...which was the dark day that will not be blogged about, in hopes that the pain will melt in time. I hope that it turns out well. If not, too bad, these pieces are like 100lbs each. It should be entertaining getting them up the stairs. I'll soon post pictures of some of the changes made here at the Cope home. The kitchen, thus far, is my favorite. I really love that Bollywood Blue. Now if only I could get Lisa LaPorta to come do the rest of my home.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So we finally cracked and got Direct TV. It only adds $10 to our qwest bill, so we figured it would be worth it. Plus, if I have to watch Canadian infomercials one more day, I'm pretty sure I would have lost my mind.

We have a new kitchen. Well-same cabinets and fixtures etc, but the walls have been painted. It's really pretty and you should probably come over to check it out. There's major touch up work that needs to be done, but I'm pretty sure if I could talk Chris into crown moulding, the amt of touch up work would decrease by like 98%. WORD!

Ava decided today that she is too big for morning naps. She also protested quite shrilly and loudly to her afternoon nap, but didn't not last long. It was a tad embarassing since the installer for Direct TV was still here, but sometimes a mother needs to stand her ground.

So newest upset in life. I purchased some dress up clothes for Ava today. Disney Princess of Sleeping Beauty--as I'm putting it on, it RIPS right up the seam....just shredded. Hey, how on earth are kids supposed to PLAY in this, if they can't even put it on without it falling apart. Dear Disney--START AGAIN! I realize I can take it back and blah blah, but it's really more the principle of the thing. What happened to the days where you could purchase quality products? They don't seem to exist anymore. I probably would have been better off with the Barbie Cheer outfit, but this one came with a crown. The one Madison has Angie got at the DOLLAR store, it's 3 years old and still AWESOME. Just goes to show...that Disney is crap. Lesson learned.

I cannot express how excited I am to have HGTV in my house. Things might get out of control, and I may begin to think that I'm a real life designer. It is your responsibility to remind me that I am, indeed, not a real life design star...

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