Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ava was up at 4am today. The benadryl seems to do absolutely nothing for her itchiness, just knocks her out. So, when she didn't want any at 4am, I didn't force it on her. I just redrenched her in caladryl lotion and gave her a milk. She stayed up playing with me and Chris until she crashed at 8:30. I passed out for about 30 minutes until I got my first call of the day, and work hasn't stopped since. Ava only slept about an hour and then was up playing and being adorable. The hives-apart from being ridiculously itchy, don't seem to alter her activity level at all. She played until 2:30, when I gave her a dose of benedryl and she passed out. I can't handle drugging my kid every 6 hours. Once a day is all I can handle. She's going crazy from staying inside so much. She is used to about 2-3 hours of outside play everyday, but since I don't know if she is contagious or not, I have kept her in. I don't like to spread germs, when I can help it.

Work has been INSANELY busy this week. I think buzz about the new laws passing in September has everyone wanting to collect as much info from their Title Companies as they can while it's still legal. I don't blame them, but man alive I can barely breathe. I like it, don't get me wrong. It beats boredom. That's for sure.

I'm going to go make cocoa--don't judge. I love it! No matter what the season.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Christmas is in DECEMBER?

I am a HUGE Dave Ramsey fanatic. Not just a fan....a fanatic. When he came to SLC for his Total Money Makeover Live Event, we showed up early and although we were in the cheap seats, I FREAKED when he came out. Seriously. One of my favorite Ramsey Rants is about Christmas being in December. On his site he has some tips for surviving the Holiday Season.

Who's idea was it to still be paying for Christmas gifts 7 months later?! It sure doesn't sound good to me! Make this Christmas season a memorable one - one with NO MORE DEBT.

Here are some quick tips:
  1. Remember Christmas is in December every year—don’t let it sneak up on you. Start planning in February (or right now!) by putting back little bit aside each month to cover the cost of gifts.

  2. Make a list of everyone you are buying a gift for and put a dollar amount by every name. Total it at the bottom. This is your Christmas budget. The people in the mall have a plan to get your money – get a game plan for your shopping so you can keep some money. There is no excuse for financing Christmas.

  3. Pay cash – put the total from your budget in an envelope and when the cash is gone, stop spending. This will help keep you on budget because if you overspend on Aunt Sue, Uncle Harry won’t get a gift.

  4. 69% of Americans bought a gift for themselves last year. DON’T BUY YOURSELF A GIFT! This is the season to give not to receive…from yourself.
He has this bit on how people FREAK OUT on Thanksgiving, realizing that Christmas is next month, and they have no plan. But, Christmas is in December EVERY YEAR so we should be able to PLAN for it.

This year, we want to do a homemade Christmas. My favorite memories are the craft days my mom used to have with us and our friends making ornaments and Christmas decorations. carolers out of toilet paper rolls and reindeer out of clothespins etc. I even started a COUSIN COOKIE DAY the first or second Saturday of December when I was pregnant with Ava so that our kids would have a day to set aside making gingerbread homes and decorating cookies. As the kids get older, the projects can be added in. The first year was a little rough, last year was more fun, and I'm sure this year will be a BLAST!

My only issue with this fabulous idea is that I'm craft challenged. I can learn just about anything, because I'm more stubborn than a mule, but it's coming up with ideas, and the execution that I'm not so great at. Chris got me a knitting set last year, because I was saying that I wanted to learn. However, about every 10 stitches I'd mess something up and only ever got 1/2 way done. SAD! I should finish that so I can wear it this year. Anyway...somethings I'd like to do:

  • BOWS-for Ava and her cousin-Julia who is 4. Jules is a total Girly Girl. I think this would be a great idea for her.
  • 12x12 tiles for like my mom etc with vinyl phrases. My friend has a circuit that lets you cut it out yourself, so I'm hoping that cuts the cost there vs. buying the phrases
  • ok see I'm stumped. I had ideas, but now that I'm trying to remember them THEY ARE GOOOOOOONE
so listen, if you read this and have ideas or would like to join me in my homemade Christmas, let me know.

119 days to Create Christmas-just FYI.

more Ramsey tidbits
Did the quickly approaching Christmas season sneak up on you? Have you just learned that you should have been saving for Christmas gifts all year round? Did you simply forget to budget for Christmas gifts this year?

Now that you're panicked, you might be thinking about draining your savings to buy gifts. Or maybe you're going to get a credit card, just for Christmas purchases. You'll pay it off in January or February, right?


If you're feeling torn this year because you want to stay out of debt while still giving your loved ones gifts they'll like, don't worry. We've got some fantastic tips.

  • Make it special. Consider specialized gifts for your friends and family rather than a DVD, CD or gift card that can end up costing more and meaning less. If you're a writer, write a story or poem specifically for each person to which you'll give a gift. If you're a photographer or painter, give a picture you've taken or created. If you're into woodworking, make a jewelry box or a shelf. If you're an expert cook, make some killer goodies and include the recipe as your gift this year. You'll save big and end up giving something with your personal touch that will last for years to come.
  • For kids only. If your extended family normally exchanges adult gifts as well as gifts for all the kids, consider just getting gifts for the kids this year. Or draw names for the adults and put a price limit of $20 or $30 on that gift. That way everyone can save by just buying for one adult in the family. Gift ideas for kids

  • Invaluable Coupons. Give your loved ones the gift of your time and service this year. Make a booklet with coupons for specific ways you can help them in the coming months. For example, make a laundry coupon and do the laundry one night so they can relax. Make a babysitting coupon and watch the kids free of charge so they can go out on the town. Make a dinner coupon and prepare a meal so they don't have to cook. There are dozens of ways you can help your loved ones. It will mean so much and will only cost you a little bit of time and energy.

  • Give to a charity. If the adults in your family can agree, choose a charity to which your entire family will give. Rather than giving gifts to each other, you'll be touching the lives of people who are truly in need. This will not only save you money, but will also keep you from getting caught up in the spending flurry.
This season is about so much more than the latest gadgets, overpriced clothes and racking up gift cards. It's about giving...but not just giving. Giving something that matters. And sometimes that something cannot be bought in a store. It's intangible. Priceless.

This Christmas, why not take a little extra time to think about your family and friends and give them something that will inspire and enrich their lives for years to come.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

June Princess Party

These are from June of this year, when Jenalee and Jayden used to come over a lot. We went over to Madison's for Dress-up and cookie decorating.
Here's Jaydon--our prince in Training!
Here we have Jenalee and Madison portraying Ariel and Sleeping Beauty

Ava was dressed up as a Fairy. she's reading a book--as usual.

As you can see--we are serious about our cookie decorating--and our no eating the frosting rule

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crazy Day

I'm so very tired, so this may not be long, or it may be ridiculously long. Today I had horrific cramps. Kristina was so sweet to take Ava for pretty much the entire morning and some of the afternoon. I went in for a blood test around 12:30. I picked up Ava at 1, and found her so happy and not at all wanting to be going home with her mommy. Ella was showing her an awesome time! Ava went right down for a nap--another sure fire sign that she had a rockin day with Ella; and Chris came home around 3. I left and went up to McKay Dee for my --what is becoming average wait time of 2 hours to see the doc. They did an ultra sound and saw that the baby is still there, and heart beating. All the fluids looked good around the baby. So they are testing my blood and urine for infections etc as to why I would be so sick and so painfully crampy since the pregnancy seems fine.

Leah was also rushed to McKay Dee today. She's been really sick with what we all thought was a bad case of the flu, but it turns out she has a blood clot in her brain. WHAT?!?! How insane is that? They are keeping her there overnight, and are going to try to dissolve it with meds there, and if that doesn't work they will transfer her to U of U hospital. Wow. Imagine how relieved they must be that they decided to go to the ER instead of wait around for the "flu" to pass. She's only 27 and randomly gets a brain blood clot. wow. update--I called Joye at 9:15 tonight to see if there were any updates on Leah. They've determined that she suffered a small stroke--possibly on Friday which is what triggered the flu-like symptoms. She doesn't seem to have permanent damage, but they do believe that the vertigo she's been experiencing may be permanent. Your prayers on her behalf would be greatly appreciated.

The cramps haven't returned since about 4pm. Horray for that! I am super tired though. So off to bed....poor Chris. He's been on duty longer than he's used to...

Monday, August 18, 2008


I could not find my keys for a good 15 minutes, as we were getting ready to head to the doctor's appointment--which meant that my time for dropping Ava at Nana Joye's was depleted. I finally found them hidden under a box on the counter and we dashed out the door. Thanks to many of Utah's companies switching to 4 day work weeks, the roads were packed with people. HOLY COW the traffic was insane for a Friday @ 2:30. Seriously...where are they all going? Ava fell asleep in the car--her first nap of the day...and I carried her up to the McKay Dee doors and she woke up in the elevator. I got there right at 3:00--which was the time my appt was scheduled. PHEW! Chris showed up about 5 minutes later. And we sat.....and sat....and sat...and at about 4:00 they called us back. They had me get undressed and put on the sheet thing to wait for the doctor, telling me it would be a couple of minutes....4:45...she walks in. Seriously...I had to sit with no pants for 45 minutes. It was worth it though to finally get to see my baby. The heart was beating so fast, and it actually looked like a baby with little hands and feet. At first, Ava was not happy about a doctor getting so closet to me, but when Doc pointed to the screen of the baby, Ava made the cutest face of surprise to me. and said "Woah. cool!" haha so cute!

There was only one. YEAY! I am 10 weeks along as of today. My due date is March 16th. Since I had complications with Ava's labor...and needed an emergency Cesarean, my doc recommended we plan on a c-section this time too. I am totally relieved, because from what I've heard of vaginal birth recoveries....ugggh c-section is the way to go. The coolest part is, they set up all my appt that night when we left. I mean, October 27th I find out the sex of my baby. She said they'll schedule me for surgery about a week before the due date. It's pretty nice to know when each appointment will be etc. Ava is singing into the vacuum extension hose. hahaha

Friday, August 15, 2008

Super WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

So, Ava loves the show Superwhy! She likes to dance to the music and say the letters when they draw them...etc. I like it too, because it has a lot of educational quality, and isn't crazy like 98% of the stuff on TV for kids these days. However, the past week they have shown the same episode OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I feel like I'm stuck in Groundhog's day. When did I become Bill Murry. oh goodness.

Hilary has made Dominos seems so awesome, that Chris and I have decided to switch from our beloved Papa Johns to give Dominos a shot. I can't eat it...but Chris and Ava did. They loved it. They were here like 20 minutes after I submitted an online order. Gotta love that! We got kickers too...which holy cow are now my favorite thing in the world. YUM YUM YUM! I think they have won our love!

Today is the ultrasound--as long as there aren't any emergency c-sections during my appt. I'm so excited. Will my twin dream be true?? Will I turn out to be one of those crazy ladies who convinces herself she is pregnant..and has all the signs, but an empty uterus--oh gosh I hope not. GAAAAAAAAA INTENSE!

I'm working through the temper tantrum phase with Ava. She usually only has one if she's very tired...or hungry and I just haven't gotten the message. I don't want her to be mean to kids. I can't handle mean kids. My mom said that kids her age usually freak out when they have an overload of emotions. They are feeling more than they can communicate. Fabulous. Seeing as how I still feel more than I can communicate sometimes, I think this phase may be a long one. If anyone has any ideas on how I can handle these situations, whether they are here in our home, or when we're out playing with friends, I'd love to learn from you.

Last night I went through my closet and put away the clothes that either I never fit back into after Ava...or that I don't wear anyway...and put up the maternity clothes. YIKES! I know...I'm jumping the gun a tad, but when I get the energy I really need to monopolize on it, because I can go daaaaaaaaaays with no energy lately. I love our new closet system. It keeps everything so organized. It's the only sane place in our house. I have dreams of finishing the basement so all of Avas toys can move down there, and then my living room will be free of crayons and monkeys that scream when you step on them...oooooooooh the dream. the framing is done, and we have the's just getting Chris to finish the electrical. He's got most of the stuff, but the poor guy doesn't have a moment to spare these days. Dream a little dream ....

Well if I'm going to get Ava's nap in before the dr. appt this afternoon, I need to get her down in the next 2o minutes....cross your fingers

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1. Where is your cell phone? non-existant
2. Significant other? Christopher
3. Worst bad habit? negativity
4. Hair? highlighted
5. Favorite food? italian
6. Your favorite thing? gospel
7. Your dream last night? angry
8. Favorite drink? rootbeer
9. Dream/goal? organization
10. Room you are in? den
11. Your ex? multiple
12. Your fear? miscarriage
13. Where do you want to be in six years? debtfree
14. Where were you last night? Home
15. What you're not? organized
16. Muffins? pumpkin
17. Wish list item? freeeeeeeeeeedooooooooooom
18. Where did you grow up? PA
19. Last thing you did? 3rd Nephi
20. What are you wearing? sweats
21. Your TV? off
22. Your pets? None
23. Your computer? functional
24. Your life? stressful
25. Your mood? confused
26. Missing someone? many
27. Your car? P.O.S.
28. Something you are not wearing? jockstrap
29. Favorite store? sales
30. Your summer? HOT
31. Love someone? many
32. Last time you laughed? Today
33. Last time you cried? Yesterday

Fruit Snacks

Hey...if anyone finds yummy fruit snacks for under $2 a box, let me know. I know Albertsons recently had a 10 for $15 deal, but I missed out on it. Ava loves these, and do I. But, I really can't justify spending $2.50 for 8 pouches of fruit snacks. yikes.

My hormones for emotional craziness has set in. Again, yikes. Just want to send a thank you to Chris for his hugs and love, and for Ava trying her best to make me laugh when she sees me crying for no reason at all. She tickles me, twirls, and does every cute thing possible until I smile and then she gives me hugs and kisses. She's so gentle and full of love.

I have a fabulous family. I am so blessed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

pickle love

So Ava Jayne is a HUGE fan of pickles. She can eat 2-3 whole ones in a row...and lately, she wakes up and wants her "milkies" and then a pickle. It's gotten to the insanity that I have to actually cut her off from them. She is so funny!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Harvest

This pregnancy---a blessing, yes; yet miserable. My pregnancy with Ava was a total breeze man. Today, I was totally craving Orange Juice...and Sandi brought me lunch and 2 bottles of Country Style simply orange. Oh it was fantastic. It was a turkey from Great Harvest and down right the best sandwich I've had in ages. I'm trying my hardest to digest it fully, and not throw it up. I've had the most horrific gas pains as well. I can't figure out what is causing it. I can't even stand, and it's hard to breathe when it strikes. I take 2 gas-x and about 45 minutes later, I start feeling slightly better. It only helps for like...6 hours. And you can't take more than a dose in a 24 hour period. I searched online for what could cause it--however I'm not a big eater of the foods they list--brussel sprouts, asparagus, beans. Not that I have anything against those foods, I just don't cook them.

Ava's taking a pretty long nap today. She was up from 8:30 to 12:30 and it's coming on 4:30 and she's still down...oh wait...I think I hear her talking up there...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Typical Day

Yesterday we went to the duck park. It was so much fun. I forget about how much I love that place. It reminds me of home. All the trees make it cooler and it has a great feel to it. Ava loves it there. Ducks are her favorite. She ran up and down the trails and fed the ducks what we think was dog food. They seemed to go crazy for it. We pushed her on the swings...and on the way back to the car we ran into Chris's old friend,Aaron. Aaron and his wife have 2 kids, Trenton 4, and a little baby 6 months. Trenton was so cute~ he followed Ava letting her know that he was 4, and nice, and "so cool." Which I thought was adorable. He seemed really sweet and polite. I told them we should get together for a play date. Ava took to him after a bit, and was sad that we weren't going to keep walking with them.

Monday, August 4, 2008

So I realized today, or perhaps I've always had an inkling...that I'm one of the only theater geeks, that left highschool...and thus left theater. I was a medium fish in a tiny pond...and somehow I just knew...that going out into the ocean, meant I was no longer fit for the stage. However, seeing my old highschool friends in costume...posting about their most recent show...I get sad. I miss it. But where would I find the time these days anyway? I just wish I had the nerve to at least try...

Gross Alert

I'm going to try to not make this disgusting. But I keep thinking about it, and I hope that if I write it down, it'll be out of my brain and I can move on.
Ok...last night, I had a horrid experience. The past few days have been really bad-as far as sickness is concerned. Good in every other aspect though. I have never known such painful bodily ejection of consumed foods. It almost feels when you get food poisoning that it's really violent, and the body just squeezes until you're pretty sure that A. you're going to pass out from the inability to inhale, or B. Your head will pop off from the pressure. I was pretty sure both things were going to happen, and embarrassingly while my family was over. It seems that if I lie on the couch and keep my movement minimal, then I am able to control the nausea, and keep myself from making offering to the porcelain god. However, when I attempt to clean...weed...or be productive above sloth status, that's when things go south. Yesterday, I folded laundry, cleaned my kitchen and prepared dinner. Also, we attended Lucy's first birthday-which was a total blast, but left me weak, and completely sick. I knew my family was coming over and I wanted it to be fun, so I took deep breaths, didn't eat very much dinner and just attempted to enjoy their company...which worked for a while...until....*shudder*
I cannot explain the horrific feeling it is to relive pot roast and cooked carrots. All I can say, is that while this was one of my top 10 favorite meals, I'm not sure that I will ever enjoy the texture or taste of it ever again. It was my 2nd offering of the day...and it was a mighty generous one. It seemed my body would not be content until not only the entire contents of my stomach had been offered up, but each and every organ as well. I was so embarrassed when Chris told me they could hear me the whole time...gasping, offering, gasping, offering. And even haunts me still. I made my mom take all the left overs, so that I wouldn't have to look, see, or smell any of it. Although, this morning I noticed a bowl of the carrots in my fridge and shuddered. At the end of the day...this is a good sign right?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mean Ol' Bees

So, I noticed a few weeks ago that there were a lot of bees flying in and out from under our back porch. I sprayed under there, and thought I had solved the problem...but apparently, not so. Tonight, my family came up for dinner. We had pot roast and mashed potatoes, and watermelon and Angies fabulous marshmellow brownies--a winner! We started to have icecream cones, and go to the back yard, when suddenly I heard Ava scream!!! I looked in the back yard, and bees were all around her. She was picking up her left foot while she screamed. I yelled at Chris to pick her up and bring her in. He didn't think she'd been bit, but I could tell from the way she was trying not to stand on her foot, and crying that she had been. My dad brought her in, and handed her off to my mom, who immediately started trying to soothe her...and change her diaper--what a pro!! I ran off to Matt's to see if he had medicine, because I was in such a panic, I forgot that I had my own stash. I then borrowed some bee spray from Chrissy, and my dad went out back with the spray and a trowel. He knocked down the nest and killed them all. He then spotted a 2nd nest in my window well with about 12 more yellow jackets and killed them as well. I have a policy with bees, hornets etc. They are welcome to nest where they want, as long as they leave me and my family alone. But since they attacked, I felt strongly the need to evict them from our yard. My dad checked the rest of the yard for nests, and let us know they'd all been destroyed. He made a baking soda/water paste for Ava's foot to help draw out the poison and rubbed it on her foot, despite her protests. Then, Chris, Steve and my dad gave her a blessing. Within minutes she was sitting on my lap, calmly drinking milk...only huffing a bit. She seems to be just fine now, despite the swelled little foot. We even went on a family walk. It may be a day or two before she can walk in her dress up shoes, but she thankfully wasn't allergic!!! I don't know what I would have done if she turned out to be allergic and stopped breathing. Let's not think about that...

I am so grateful for the Lord and the power of the priesthood upon the earth. My testimony of the priesthood is unshakable. I am a big believer in blessings, and I am so blessed to have grown up in a family, where my father was always willing to exercise his priesthood to help us with problems, sickness, and school. Chris also is very kind and willing to give blessings whenever I need one. The priesthood has touched Ava's life many times, even before she was born. I know the Lord has His eye upon us, and especially our Ava Jayne. She is so dear to me.

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