Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Authored by my love-Amanda Knickerbocker

Status Quo

I was making my bed tonight (OK, so it doesn't always get done first thing in the morning...) and I thought about the process we went through to purchase our bedding. Don't worry, I have a point here.

We wanted a bedding set like you see in the magazines... a big duvet that you can sink into, with a n
ice, light throw blanket, gracefully, naturally laying across the bed with perfect placement. We wanted pillows upon pillows, so that half the bed was covered in them (So, really, I wanted pillows, Pete thinks they are pointless).

A newly remodeled and revamped selection of ba...

We started the journey at Restoration Hardware-- not to purchase, 'cause we all know I can't afford it, but to get some good ideas. Of course, I found the perfect set. I asked the sales associate how they get it to look so good and, {HERE'S MY POINT} she said that they use two duvets inside one duvet cover to get it to look fluffy.

Seriously? Now, I have known for years that clothing stores use pins to help
fit the clothes to the mannequins. And we all know that the idea of a 16 hour lip-stick is right up there with science fiction. So yeah, we know that we hardly ever purchase what we see. But two duvets inside one cover?

Is it just me or does it seem like more and more we (I'm using a generic "we" intended to include mostly moms, but I know that's a stereotype, so I'm over it) are faced with a pressure to appear perfect? Is it not enough that our clothes are frumpy and our make-up smears? We buy gym memberships and attend play dates. We cook from scratch (haha) and cut coupons. We attempt to clean our houses, only to learn that the products we are using are not "green" enough. And now, we can't even make our beds and live up to expectations.

So here's to breaking through the status quo. Here's to not caring if I have to feed my family Hamburger Helper so that I can have the time to take a shower. Here's to having an unfluffy bed and clothes that don't really fit. Because you know what? I'm doing the best I can-- and so are you. That should be enough. And it IS enough.

But only if we'll let it be

adventures with BUTTER

Yes, that's right...what you are viewig gleaming on my daughters face, hair, hands, shirt, pants and counter is BUTTER. She climbed onto the counter and proceeded to rub it EVERYWHERE. Is this a sign that perhaps the work-at-home mommy days should be coming to an end?
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cute hat! Simon @ 7 weeks old

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

starting over

So 2 years ago, Chris and I caught Ramsey fever and went on a debt free rampage. We sold stuff, we cut back on going out, started eating at home more, and put every extra penny toward paying off debt. We paid off almost $22,000 in the first 18 months, and having our car paid off by the 2 year mark seemed so achievable. It was really pretty incredible. When I got pregnant with Simon, we slowed things down to save up. I also got really really lazy with our budget and our once avalanche of a snowball--became a snowflake. We even signed up for a 0% Discover card to help hurry along the basement project. Not that I regret it, because I love the basement, but it still makes me sad to think we're backwards by a good $7,000. *sigh* What matters though, is that we're getting back on track. I started organizing things again, after spending the last 5 months flyin by the seat of our pants--as it were. Tomorrow I'm going to draft the official budget of May. Hopefully we'll get this snowball rollin, and be out of this mess by the end of the year. We'll see.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Simon's blessing

Yesterday Simon was blessed in church. My mom worked very hard to make him his suit.

We have 9am church, which is great when it comes to Ava's nap schedule, but that meant that a lot of our family was up and in route by 7:30 to make it in time. Karlie and Dan even came up--despite really short notice and being up passed midnight the night before with their little girl, Karah. The blessing was really beautiful, and we had a great testimony meeting. My family stays for all of church, so we did too. Jay and Karah went to nursery with Ava and did GREAT! We did not plan for Ava and Jay to match, but you can bet we took full advantage of it and made them pose for cute pictures together. <3>

We had great family come too. All the new babies were together. We had tons of kids here...I think we counted 10. Caydon, Jonah, Davis, Julia, Jay, Eli, Ava, Bryant, Melyn, Simon. A bit loud, and we had some issues. Eli was very tired and ended up biting Jay--see the band aid?We had all the Cope grandkids together so we snapped a photo. It was towards the end of the fun, so they are all a bit tired. Even though Jeff and Julie weren't able to make it down in time for the blessing, they stopped by later that night to visit Simon!

It was a super awesome day, and I want to thank everyone for coming!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simon 6 weeks old

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Wedding bows

Thanks to Hilary and her amazing skills, Ava now has super cute bows to match her dress for Pam & Steve's wedding. Her dress is bright yellow with a dark silver sash, so we did the bows opposite. YEAY! so so so cute!
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

fair thee well my love

It seems that despite the intense truffle cravings I had during my pregnancy, consuming more than a single brownie, or candy bar makes my milk not only difficult for Simon to digest, but he refuses to eat it all together. At least, I think that's what the issue is lately. I noticed when we had chocolate ice cream, and I had a healthy helping...that Simon would fuss a LOT while nursing later that day and have gas issues. Then, Angie made me these fabulous brownies upon my request (i am shameless) and I had 3 of them in a 24 hour period. Simon went on a hunger strike and screamed from 10pm-2am. As much as I love chocolate--and have a severe addiction, the pain that Simon goes through, and the sleep that I lose are not worth it. I am going to go a week free--and if he nurses better, and the freak outs end, the I know I'm onto something.'s 11:30, and he's sleeping, not crying so far, my theory is right. Even though it means a year of little to no chocolate, I really hope that I'm right, because that 3 hour cry is so sad, and if I'm wrong, then it means I have no clue what could be causing his pain.

Karlie and her kids (Jay 3 and Karah 18 months) came over Saturday for a play date. Um, it was the best play date ever, no offense to others that Aves and I have play dates with. There were no fights-no melt downs-no power struggles-a day of miracles if I do say so. They came up from 1-5 and then we followed them back to Salt Lake so that Dan and Chris could meet. Karlie made this fabulous black bean soup---mmmmm so delicious! We hung out until 9:30 when Karlie and I were pretty much pinching eacother to stay awake, and yet the kids were still going strong. 8 hours of playing together without a single screech. Sure there were a half dozen "NO!" to eachother, but nothing like what we experience on a daily basis with our kids alone, let alone when we have play dates. I guess the only way to see if it was a fluke is to get together again ... and soon. haha. yes! Pictures to be uploaded at a later time, because I'm too tired to do so now.

Ok must pump and then attempt to get some sleep before Simon wakes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

life update

ok so i realize this is my 3rd post today, but somedays are that way. I wanted to give updates on life as well as on the basement.

Simon is 4 weeks old today. HORRAY! He is beautiful as ever and growing so quickly and being so strong and brave. He hasn't had an episode since the 18th of March. His appt with Dr. Butterfield at Primary Children's is this week--the 9th at 1pm. He's still on 1.7 ml IV concentration of phenobarb everyday, and doesn't even put up a fight. When we refilled the script I made the mistake of doing it at Harmons, and they didn't have the IV concentration, and thus put him on like 4.25 ml...that did not go over well at all, so Dr. Gagner called in a new script to McKay Dee's pharmacy and we'll have it filled there from now on. The 2 days he took that 4.25 ml were horrid! Joye was a sweetheart and picked up the meds for us so that he didn't have to endure anymore massive doses. The IV solution isn't nearly as stinky as the regular kind. *shudder* I wasn't even tasting it and it made me shudder. Simon is sleeping much better at night. By about 1am he's down until 5 or 6am, wakes to eat and then is back asleep until 8:30 or 9am.

Ava's doing so so so much better lately. She's back to a daily nap, and doesn't even need to be taken for a car ride to do so. She's taken on voluntarily every day for about a week--hopefully I don't curse myself here--she also is back to a sane bedtime, out by 10pm. She is a great help with Simon, getting diapers, letting me know when he's crying (haha) and giving Simon lots of kisses. Today, she was invited to participate in an egg hunt with Hayden and Co. How sweet is that? Lana was super excited to help Ava find eggs and made sure she got all 13! Rylee took a turn holding Simon today and Hayden and Kate gave Simon kisses. It was way cute!

This past Saturday, I went over to mom's house for a bit to give Chris some down time. I also snuck over to visit Karlie and Dan for a while. I left Ava with mom, since her cousins were all there playing with her. Dan was pretty much my best friend-along with Dree-my sophomore year of college, and we stayed in touch really well until he got married and I started my moving spree and haven't really been in touch for the last 4 years...and although Karlie and I are daily facebook bff, we'd never really met face to face. They live just down the road from my parents, oddly enough. It was so much fun. Their kids are so adorable and Jay is just so excited about every moment of everything. He insisted on helping me feed Simon, and did a champion job of holding the bottle. Before I knew it, I'd been there 2 hours, and so I headed back to mom's to check on Ava. Aves and I headed back home about an hour later, she was asking to go to sleep, telling me she was sleepy and tired. I can't wait for Aves to meet Karah and Jay, because I know they're going to be great buddies and exhaust us beyond all exhaustion we've ever known.

Ava is passed out on the floor--ahhh to be 2. Well 5pm...time to start working on dinner!


So we haven't found the perfect storage unit yet, but Chris did move all of Ava's toys downstairs and she loves her new area! We do too! It will be supremely awesome once there's a plan; but even in caos it's amazing!

basement bathroom

the cabinet and countertop should be finished and installed later this week. The tile guys return tomorrow to complete the grout work on the shower. Chris picked a very modern shower/faucet set in brushed silver nickle as shown below. It's very modern for my taste, but it's his shower--and he took the time to come with me to pick it out, so he got to choose. yeay bathroom finishes!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ok's not's YOU. It's time we go our separate ways. Sure, we had good times, but lately, I find that I only have deep resentment for your bitter winds and grey skies. I'm not saying that we have to part forever...just that....I need something more. The sun. The blue sky. The temperatures that encourage physical activity. Why don't we give eachother say...6 months...and try again.

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