Saturday, March 1, 2014

From a less extreme LDS mom

These days homosexuality is a buzz.  Everyone is freaking out about same sex marriage and adoption for same sex couples...and finding super secret messages inside of pixar movies.  Here's the deal.  I read an article over a week ago where an LDS mom went on and on about the horrifying gay undertones of the hit song, LET IT GO.  It bothered me. and it has CONTINUED to bother me . So I'm taking the time now to write it out so that hopefully it can stop bothering me.

SO WHAT?!!  Let's just pretend for a moment that Elsa IS a super secret Lesbian character.  I mean, she seems to be pretty anti every fella Anna falls for ;)   Aside from her suspected sexual attraction, what else could we glean from her character?  She strives to be a good daughter.  She spent her life in hiding from everyone, including her best friend, her sister, just so that she could please her parents.  She spent 18 years (or however long "Coming of age" is for a queen) alone, and terrified of who she is.  I'm sure there are PLENTY of girls (and boys for that matter) with same sex attraction who relate to this isolation.  Then, she has this break through where she learns to LET IT GO. acceptance. accepting who she is. accepting what she feels.  Notice how when she fights or hides these feelings the ice she creates is jagged and harsh and harms people.  When she has this brief moment of acceptance, everything she creates is BEAUTY.  She loves herself, for the first time since before she learned these feelings were a PROBLEM, she is creating beautiful, perfection with this gift.  Her father tells the King troll she was "Born" with the gift, when she's fighting Anna in the ice castle, she sings that she is CURSED.  Again, I'm sure this resonates with many tween and teen and even adults.  In the end, Elsa accepts that the way to constantly create beauty in her life and the lives of those around her, is to love herself.  LOVE.  Would it be SO bad for the kids, tweens, teens and adults to have a role model or ten that they could look to and have relate to them?  Would it be so awful if they had something that showed them how to have a healthy relationship with the people in your life while dealing with the stigma of same sex attraction.  I hear you moms, "I don't want the media telling MY kids about same sex attraction at 5" sure. I hear you. It's YOUR job to talk to your kids about it.  We are in an age where we need to tell our kids people love in all kinds of ways.  Families come in all forms.  Every family is different, but every family is VALID. Respect everyone.  Enough with the homophobia.  Enough with the hate.  Bring on the RESPECT.  You don't have to "condone." "appove" or even like the idea of same sex parents/marraige, but theses people are PEOPLE and deserve our respect and charity, just like anyone in the heterosexual community. 

I'm not great with's 1am.  But here's what I really know.  Should one or more of my amazing 4 kids wake up one day, and realize they have same sex attraction, I want them to know that THAT'S OK.  It's ok, because I have loved them since the day they were born....before that even...and love them forever.  I hope they never feel that they need to hide things about themselves from me or the world. I mean clearly teens and tweens hide. heck even Ava wants alone time now and then. Everyone wants privacy, but I don't want them to feel that shame and embarrassment about identity.  I want them to know...CHILD OF GOD. yesterday, today, tomorrow...FOREVER.