Friday, June 19, 2009

shooo mosquito don't BITE my girl

I took the day off today to play with Hilary and her kids. Rusty decided to be insane, and register to run a 2 day race from Logan to Park City. Yeah, he's going to be 33 this October...I think he's running from that. His body will surely remind him tomorrow. Anyway, they drove up to drop him and stopped by to have a fun playdate with us on their way back to Riverton. We went to Sandi's and spent the day swimming. While I was sure to get all the kids covered in sunscreen, I skipped myself, thanks to Ava's impatience. She couldn't stand to wait one moment longer, and I totally forgot to get my face. I'm pretty sure I'm radioactively glowing. Matt's new name for me is RED. Even my eyelids are sunburned. I didn't even know that could happen. All I can say is yeay for sunshirts, because it saved us all! Hilary said her back is soooooooooooo burned, but thankfully none of the kids are.
My poor baby girl, Ava, is being EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes. I found one in the house tonight and KILLED it. she has 4 bites on her left arm. seriously mosquito. 4 bites. INSANE. does anyone know if the OFF fan really works? Obviously, we're in need of repellent. And I'm very much allergic to the fumes of the other stuff. Lemme know. Shanks!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a simple run down

Here I sit...12:30am...with a MASSIVE migrain. ugh. Ok. so chances are for most migraners, this is rather minor, but I'm not a big headache person, so it's feeling pretty massive to me. Also, my laundry is STILL drying. I should just be grateful, because this washer/dryer was given to us when we were married almost 4 years ago, and it was already loved by others, so the fact that they are still working is fabulous. I'm just whining. As is typical for me. :)
Today, mmm yes what to write. Today was a good day. I think the Barbie Island Princess movie was played twice, along with Cinderella and HSM3. Ava also got to play with some friends. Mary saved me this morning. I was slammed with work and Ava was going crazy needing someone to play with her. Mary let her come over and play for like an hour while I finished up some work and fed Simon. Then we headed to Costco to grab a pizza. The plan was to take the pizza to the mall and let Ava play at their play area, but she passed out. So, instead, we brought it back to Chris's office. Ava cut out hearts with Granni for me and Chris and told us that she loved us. She's too adorable!!! Ava also got to play with Mack and Meg for a bit tonight. They are moving on Saturday, and we're going to really miss them. They are such great girls and so cute. I wish they hadn't been so shy the last year. It's only been the last 6 months or so that they wanted to hang out with Ava. I've come to really love those girls! After work, Ava, Simon and I met Chris at Sandi's for SWIMMING! It was a little cold, but great fun. Ava's been BEGGING to swim since Memorial Day. Ava's granni drove her home--because Ava LOVES Granni's car. Ava passed out about 9 and then Simon went down at 9:30. Three hours later, I'm up waiting for laundry to finish drying. GAAAAAAAAA! Anyone want to gift me a $1700 steam dryer? ;) 30 minute laundry...mmmm insanely awesome.

Monday, June 15, 2009

i love my little man! 3 months old

At 3 months old...Simon is getting more and more adorable
  • He can roll from front to back
  • He laughs--but you have to really commit to your routines. He makes you work for it!
  • He talks in "ahhhs" and "cooos"
  • He loves to have reading time
  • He loves tummy time on his new mat--where he kicks and kicks trying to reach his toys
  • He has survived 3 months of Ava's maulings of hugs and intense kisses
  • He has been seizure free since March 18th! Still takes a nightly does of pheno-barb.
  • He's 15 pounds!
  • LOVES to snuggle
  • He loves to sit in the shade at the park and watch Ava play
  • Total lady's man--follows neighbor Kate with his eyes everywhere she goes and pouts when she gets out of sight. *cute*
I am so in love with my little Simon Heiner. I just can't get enough of his "worries" wrinkles and perfect feature face!!! I am so grateful to be his mom and to be able to snuggle him all the day!
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my new favorite picture

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

go to the mall!

We've had rain for over a week every day. I love it!!! I've been somewhat homesick for PA, and having a rainy summer, and seeing everything so green--especially driving through the canyons, really does my heart some good. I know most of my neighbors are ready to shout at the top of their lungs "RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!" but I welcome it. Rain, you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like. My favorite is when it's nice in the day, and then pours all night. It's so awesome. Also, cloudy mornings make for darker bedrooms, makes for kids sleeping better and longer. case in point, 9:30 and both are still snoozing. love. it.
Yesterday, Chris took the day off. He'd worked until midnight Monday, and so stayed home Wednesday to help out. He played with Ava for a bit, and helped me get her down for a nap. He then headed out to his folks house to fix a modem. Even on his days off it's work, work, work. Simon hasn't been sleeping well---poor guy. He does ok at night, but day time, he can't seem to nap. He finally fell asleep on me about 5ish. He laughs in his sleep. About 2 minutes after he fell asleep he went into belly-shaking laughter for about 3 was cute. We napped until Ava came down at 6 from her very very very long nap, and excitedly told us all about her day. Chris and I decided since she'd slept so long, we'd take her to the Newgate mall play area to run around. She loves it there! We ran into Chris's friend, Matt Stowell and his 3 year old daughter. Hannah and Ava --both palendrome kids--played well together. We're going to start setting up play dates. yeay! Ava played for over an hour. Climbing, running, jumping, sliding, laughing...and then came and told us she was all done. We gave her a quarter and let her pick a candy machine. She chose the tart bones. Later that night, as I was putting her to bed, we did prayers. It's amazing how much Ava remembers about her day. Her prayer was so cute and went like this "Hevly Fader...thank dee mimi, papi, mimi, papi, granni, papa, mommy, daddy, simon, kk, pam, steve, and I watched high school musical, and drive car, and go to mall, and get bones, and read stories, amen." She's so excited about saying prayers, that she usually says 2-3. It's so awesome. Then she asks me to sing Jesus songs, and we spend a good 30 minutes singing any primary song that has Jesus in it. I love those moments.
Last night was the first night in weeks that I didn't grind my teeth. I've never been a teeth grider, but the last month of so, I wake up with a clenched jaw and a sore mouth. This morning, my jaw was relaxed and I felt well rested. HORRAY!