Thursday, August 30, 2012


Taken the night before school started

I was nervous that Ava would be really mad when she realized she was going back to kindergarten.  She was telling all of her friends that she'd be going to 1st grade this year, since she did Bravo Kindergarten last year.  Chris sat her down and explained that because she has a late birthday, she gets to go to kindergarten twice.  But, this is awesome, because it means she is bigger and can help the teacher, and will be very smart!  She loved her first day.  In her words "It was GREAT!"  Her teacher even sent out an email after school, letting us know how the day went. How awesome is that?  We had a rough start in the morning.  The first outfit got milk on it.   Then I got the flat iron too close to her head and burned her.  *ouch*  But at the end of the day she loved school and says she's excited to go back!  And, the uniforms....pretty cute after all. 
Actual first day of school photo

Friday, August 24, 2012

i think i'm developing a complex....

As a mom, you are bound by the laws of nature to believe you have beautiful children. I worked in a daycare back in PA when I realized that not all babies are cute.  Some are so incredibly awkward and you just kind of love them more and hope they grow into their looks.  So, I admit, I prayed for beautiful children.  I probably should have prayed to see my children as beautiful despite the reality, but I was shallow, and prayed specifially for beautiful children, and I have to say...if anyone doubts the power of prayer, this could be the proof they've been looking for.

My Children Are Freaking Gorgeous!

Monday, August 20, 2012

30 days...or 30 attempts at this thing?

So we are a week out from my "ripped in 30" phase 1.  I managed to do the dvd a whopping 2 times.  That's right.  So, we start again.  Finding the time - even though it's only 25 minutes - is the challenge.  25 minutes may not seem like a large amount of time, but for my kids to not need me for nearly half an hour, is a rare thing.  This isn't me saying that I'm not going to continue working out, it just means the idea of me transforming in 30 days is completely unattainable.  I have to remind myself of this.  It took me a good 10 months to put on the baby weight...and a couple months of cupcake indulgence once they were the idea that I could make it all go away in one month is a crappy one.  Instead, I only promise to make changes one day at a time.  In my food choices. Drink choices. And by allowing myself the opportunity to say that it's ok if I'm not perfect in working out, or anything really. perfection is over-rated.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Carter (left) Austen (right)

Carter (top) Austen (bottom)

Austen (left) Carter (right)
Austen (left) Carter (right)
Sometimes I forgot how incredibly fortunate I am to have both of my babies.  I am a member of a group on facebook, of other moms of TTTS, who also rushed to Dr. Chmaits team for help.  Everything went so smoothly with my diagnosis, surgery, recovery and remainder of the pregnancy--making it to 37 weeks 3 days, that I was spared the true horror that this condition can be.  The last few days quite a few moms have been posting memorials to their lost baby.  Many have lost their recpient twin due to heart conditions.  Most cases, it's that the TTTS was so late onset, that even surgery wasn't able to reverse the condition.  One mom was diagnosed the same week in her pregnancy that I was, had her babies at 29 weeks, and then lost one.  The donor twin spent THREE MONTHS in the nicu.  I cannot imagine.  If you or someone you know is carrying twins, GET INFORMED.  Be sure to have your fluid levels monitored closely.  And, should a problem arise, HAVE THE BEST TEAM by your side.  Flying to LA for surgery with 18 hours notice was not in any way cheap, easy, or convenient.  But they SAVED my life.  They SAVED my babies.  Dr Chmait's team is the BEST team when it comes to treating fetal conditions.  My twins are 8 months old, and they are in daily contact with me.  They track their emotional, developmental, and overall growth.  They love them.  They celebrate with me the true victory that my twins ran the gauntlet and lived to tell about it.  Sure, my babies have spent the last three days battling pneumonia, and having 2 sick babies at home is so exhausting and difficult, but .... I have TWO babies at home.   TWO.  Not only that, but even when they were so sick, they are happy.  They are sweet and gentle.  They are my life. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

family referral

Thank you to Tara for referring me for your sisters reception.  You have no idea what it means that you had enough faith in my meager abilities to capture the special day for your family.  I hope that I did you proud! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Chris recently started watching Fringe. At first, I just walked in and out as it  played. Now, I'm hooked.  My most favorite character is Walter, played by John Noble.  I've never been a fan of his characters, but seriously...Walter is an amazing character.  He's crazy, sure. But, you can't just help but adore him and how he lives in his own world. "Don't be ridiculous, you were abducted. Of COURSE you need crepes."

also Joshua Jackson > James Van Der Beek. every time.