Monday, July 11, 2011


Let's face it, I've had a love with owls for ages now. Pam has the most adorable, and soft blanket for Victoria made of Raspberry and Chocolate brown owls, and I'm on the hunt to make my twinners some boy versions--really how do you NOT love this?

I have no idea what we're going to name the little guys, because I really only have 1 boy name that I love. Jeffrey Logan. I'm not sure where Chris stands on that name.
It turns out that having identical twins not only means you get to have a conversation with the fetal medicine doc, but you get to see him on a weekly basis. I guess this time around, I won't really have any issue paying the insane amount that guy gets to bill, because we'll be BFF.
The kids are screaming. It's 10:15pm, I'm barely coherent, and they are screaming, because they don't want to be going to sleep. Seriously. This is insane. I can't wait for us to move and get into a routine again. This limbo thing SUCKS.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

In May, my mom presented me with a voucher for a one night stay to the downtown Hampton Inn, and said it came with a free overnight babysitting. Friday, she came up about 10 am and helped me get things a little less crazy around here. Chris got back about 3pm from studying, and we headed down for our adventure. My mom and the kids played with balloons, play-dough and went to the zoo. Chris and I went to see the International Jazz Festival and had a great time in Salt Lake. It was so nice to just fall asleep and wake up all by myself. I woke up about 8:30, had breakfast and went back to sleep until 11. I felt SO rested. We spent most of Saturday at Weber State so that he could study for a test, and submit some homework. Then we saw Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds-'nough said.
My kids had so much fun with their "Mimi" they were very sad to see her go.
We have an official move date of Wednesday, 13th.
BIG NEWS....Thanks to some very generous Clearfield 8th Ward folk, I GET TO SEE LINDA EDER NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT!!! She is performing with MOTAB for the Pioneer Celebration Concert. I cannot even put my excitement into words. Cannot.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everything has happened so so fast, that I can't really breathe, and it doesn't feel real.
We decided that we needed to sell the house, since he has 2 more semesters left in school (16 credit hours each ughhh) we figured switching jobs isn't really an option until he graduates. Since we had set up an FSA for hospital bills and daycare at the beginning of the year, his paycheck alone is not enough to stay in the house and me be sane. I don't like having a house payment that is more than 35% of our take home. I've been very spoiled the last 5 years having it only 25%--Ramsey is so right on the money with that number. When my job ends, we'll lose a 1/3 of our income and so we're putting the house up for sale. I'm planning to have my replacement trained by the time I reach my 3rd trimester-aka the end of August. Chris's grandma has offered us her large basement apt to use while we have the house for sale. We figured we'd probably move when Chris graduates anyway, and selling a house before having twins seems easier of an option than after.
Joye-Chris's grandma-is insisting that we stay with her until after the twins come home. Shes concerned with Chris's crazy school/work schedule that I will be better there, and as much as I hate to admit it, she's 100% right. She lives just up the hill from the Hospital, and I'm already realizing I can't do our routine of Chris home from 10pm-8am and me handling the house and kids alone anymore. I'll have some help right there with me while he's living at Weber State the next 5 months finishing school.
We've been working very hard to get our "curb appeal" boosted, and have a few projects left on the inside. We plan to move out this weekend (and probably some of next week) massively clean the place, stage it and then list it. That way, the kids can't undo any of the hard work that goes into putting the house on the market. My ability to keep up is long gone, and they have figured it out. Seriously, if I step on ONE MORE BAND-AID WRAPPER. So there you have it.