Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ava has become a total insomniac. Last night, she stayed up until almost 2am, and was up this morning at 8. The two nights previous, she was going down about 9:30 or 10pm and then waking at 1am wanting one of us in the bed with her. Chris and I took shifts, and although she would stay in her bed quiet, she was wide awake until 6am and then up playing by 9am. Is this normal for a 2 year old? Any tips on how to get her to stay asleep? I don't' mind being in there with her if she's sleeping, but I'm worried about her health, because she's only getting like...5 hours of sleep.

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today Chris turned 28. Ava was SO excited about there being a birthday in the house, that she started wishing her daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday. She and I set out early this morning, leaving the boys to sleep in. We got daddy flowers for the yard and Ava picked out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD balloon. I mowed the lawn so that Chris could have the week off. Um, wow, I'm really glad that isn't something I have to do every week. It's quite exhausting.
My folks called and offered to meet us in SL so that we could see a movie and the kids could go to Ava's favorite place, the ZOO!
Chris and I saw Star Trek. He's been dying to see it; moping that "everyone has seen it but me! Let's face it, the movie pretty much rocks! Afterward, we headed to HAPPY SUMO for some fabulous sushi. I'm not a lover of fish, let alone raw fish, however, Chris has introduced me to a select few sushi choices that I not only tolerate, but enjoy. I did, however, chicken out and went for chicken skewers. I did sample his rainbow sushi, and it was one that I will definitely get again.
Tomorrow we'll do birthday cake with his family. Ava is loving daddy's birthday week. If she happens to wish you happy birthday as well, don't be surprised.

I could list all the sappy things I love about him--I just tried, but it was almost....forced. I'm just going to say that he's an incredible man, and 98% of the day, I admit that he's way better than I deserve ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it was tooo darn hot!

Pictures from our 90 degree day in May on the 18th. Yeay for sunscreen and sprinklers! :)

Lana is too cute with Ava! Ava totally does everything Lana does. Surrogate big sister!

Kate is the most rock and roll kid around! don't mess with this!

Hayden was not a lover of the sprinklers! hahaha he's adorable!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

summer time and the livin is easy

Mary holding baby Colton
Super Simon!
The shirt says it all...
Madison enjoying some coooooookies
She gets it from her Aunt Seana.

Baby Kate flying through the air

Bestest buds

rough rundown

Ok it's 12:30am and I'm exhuasted so here's a rundown. Today was Simon's 2 month appointment.


weight--12.55 pounds
length--23 inches
head--40.5 cm

yeay!!! He was given an oral vaccine and 3 others through shots. He did cry for a moment, but calmed down rather quickly and handled the whole ordeal like a champ. He didn't scream at the doctor when she examined him at all. He even gave her little 1/2 smiles. He's been SO super smiley lately---especially to Chris. He has also started talking in the car. With a vocal sister like Aves, I'm sure he'll be a babbler.

Ava went out to play with her friends Madison and Grace for a while today. I found the sun screen and sprayed her down and put her in the UV swim top we bought her. I tried to stay out with her, but the nearing 90 temps were giving me headaches and made me feel totally sick. the plan was for Chris to bring home a new filter so that we could run the AC. I went out for one saturday, but he told me the wrong measurement, so the ones I bought were no good. As fate would have it, he had to work late. By the time he got home, the house was so hot, that the thermostat needle was beyond numbers. About 90 degrees. He switched air filters shot on the AC and about an hour later, the house main floor was down to 85 degrees. Let's not discuss the temps of the bedrooms. We went to Big Lots and bought Ava a matress for her bed. We had to return the one Russ so awesomely let us borrow for a few months. The one we got is super comfy--Serta! W00t! It's nice to have her back in a twin bed. I think she'll sleep much better. I totally thought that since she'd played outside most of the day in the hot hot sun, that she'd crash early, but the little stink was up past 10pm. I finally called Chris to help--because I was the only one who seemed interested in sleeping (and yet, here I am, still awake. irony) Chris took Ava upstairs to her new comfy bed and *bam* Simon crashed...hmmm I wonder if there's a connection?? ;)
Once Simon tanked, I took him upstairs and was able to start cleaning the kitchen. Every night I clean that room up and every afternoon it's a total contestant for CLEAN HOUSE--as in ewwwww seriously? I spent about an hour in there, and then pumped. I also got the living room tidy. I did collect a basket full of random stuff--but it's off the floor and can be put away at another time. I vaccumed the carpet, and now feel much better about the house. I also got a load of laundry done. Little bye little. Tomorrow is the first day of Alex coming to spend the afternoon with Ava. We'll see how it goes. If I'm able to be productive with the time and how Ava responds to her vice versa. I think it'll go well. I hope. ok well the house is now about 75 on the main floor...guessing 80 in my room...and doubt it'll get much off to bed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

somebody call me a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-mbulance

I haven't slept more than 4 hours at a time in almost a week.
Thursday-my birthday. we got home from hanging with family about 10:30. We put the kids to bed and I headed to wal*mart-by myself-note that this is my first time anywhere alone since Simon was born. I got home about 1am. This was my last night of decent sleep. We took off friday the 8th from work--so we took the morning relatively slow. We went to I-hop for breakfast and then ran some errands. I got my CAMERA and we headed to Salt Lake for a family party. We left there about 7, picked up my brother's groomsmen tuxes in Provo and headed out to Vernal. We got to our hotel about 11:45pm. Ava had slept the whole way to the hotel and was thoroughly freaked out that we were sleeping in a strange place. She finally crashed about 2 am. I fell asleep. Simon is a NOISY sleeper, and also did not seem keen to the new enviornment and insisted on being in the bed right on my chest or would cry. He also got up to nurse about every hour. Saturday was wedding day. Get up, get breakfast, because scary hotel didn't provide any and get everyone showered for the wedding. Do Ava's hair, do Simon's outfit...oh crap curl my hair and throw on only 1/2 my make up. Yeah, the lips and eyelashes got forgotten and it created a strange look that's for sure. Oh--and look Ava decided to wear 4 pounds of bronzer. grab wipes and begin to clean the layers off her face. get in the car and see that the hotel clocks ran 10 minutes slow so we are going to be late to the sealing. Dash into the temple--reverently--and see no babysitters. Send Chris with kids to find sitters and go into the sealing just in time. YEAY my brother is married. Go find kids, change Ava into real dress and do Julia's hair. Pam breaks all bride records and is ready in like 10 minutes. CRAZY! Rush rush rush--2 hours of family pictures--lunch---more pictures--and back to the hotel for a nap--oh wait, never mind...we don't need no stinking naps. Go back to the reception center and Ava falls asleep in the parking lot--send chris back to the hotel with her so she'll get a nap and go inside with Simon. Steve and Pam stand in receiving line for 2 hours. No cake cutting ceremony---it was FAKE wedding cake--cruel. No flower tossing. Just sitting and standing. Go back to the room about 11:30 sleep with the same issues as night before. Come home Sunday-change clothes go out to Sandis for mothers' day. Play play play play play Simon doesn't sleep well. Monday night Ava wakes up at 12am and is up until 5:30 ithcing a rash. Oh look I have one too now. GREAT! She falls asleep in time for Simon to get up. yeay. Ava sleeps till 11:30 and is up. Play outside, mommy works and about 3:30 starts to lose her mind. Pack kids in car to save sanity. Ava falls asleep at 8pm when Simon wakes up. Simon falls asleep at 11pm and so does mommy. Cue 2:30am when Ava knocks on her door. I go in with milk and am kept hostage with threats of screaming (please dont' wake the baby) until 5:30am when Simon wakes up. I leave a FINALLY snoring Ava to get Simon and start all over again. I'm a zombie man.

Monday, May 4, 2009

happy birthday to ME

For my birthday and mother's day this year Chris is getting me a Nikon d40!!! Its my very first SLR, and they say this is the best for beginners....of course my DREAM is a d300 but $2500 for a camera just isn't necessary at my skill level or in my budget. I never realized that when I would snatch Dave's camera at weddings and stuff that I was "playing" with about $5,000 of camera and accessories. Now that I know that I'm really glad that I never dropped it etc as I tend to be quite clumsy. In any case, I'm excited to start learning the ways of the SLR and hopefully start a kid photography thing on the side. I LOVE photographing kids--they are so full of life. here are some of my favorites from when I worked at a day care--these kids were all about 2 years old and are now....about 6 or 7. weird. I miss them!
Aiden-Brandon-Leah and Matthew. Leah was in my class--and the boys were in my mom's.

this is Zack. He was in my class and even though he was almost 2 had only like 4 teeth. He was SO adorable, and one of my favorite to photograph.

Aiden again! I acutally won an award for that photo. woot!

This is Julia with Leah. Their moms were bff too! These girls were my favorite!
and little zackie again. SO much fun! I'm excited to start back up again.

This is Isabella and Julia again.

This is Aku and Abby-they were from my mom's class. "so uh...come here often?"