Monday, December 31, 2012

The Resolutions

Save a minimum of $200 in the USAA account every month to go towards the trip we promised our kids for 2014.

Pay off All Store Credit Cards-aside from Amex and Discover.  Those balances will require a bit longer.  Thanks House. Thanks Medical Bills.

Increase Photography Business to a steady side income.  Book 5-6 sittings/month. 1/2 to go into AFCU savings. 1/2 to go towards Debt Snowball. Book over 6 and the income can go toward a date  with the hubby! :)

Continue to Price Match groceries to keep in budget

Pack Chris's Lunch

Wean off of soda completely

Pay off the Toyota

Read scriptures every night to the kids

Bedside prayers-personal and with the kids

Wean the babies onto milk or lactaid.

Figure out how to sleep again

Meet with an endodontist about these wisdom teeth that are KILLING me

Friday, December 28, 2012

camera shy

In October, when I found out that all of my siblings would be getting together for Christmas, I really wanted to set up a family portrait session.  The last time we were all in a photo together was Steve's wedding in 09 when Simon was 6 weeks old. Since that photo, 6 kids have been added to the family.   (Isa, Vicky, Ella, Carter, Austen, Benen)

I set out to find a photographer in the Salt Lake/Northern Utah county area, so that it would be easier for the majority of the family to get to.  After asking for several referrals, and scouring pinterest and websites, it came down to Camera Shy.  They had an adorable studio, they gave printing rights, and had two studio rooms full of different back drops and amazing props.  I called and set up the appointment. Despite the fact that they lost our appointment, and so we had to show up 2 hours earlier than we had planned for our shoot, and that the disk they gave us had 1/2 the photos missing, I would use them again...and here's why.  The photographers are really great!  I mean, there were 14 kids and 14 adults.  The oldest kid was 10, we had 3 (almost) 2 year olds and 3 babies.  We still ended up with beautiful shots.  We still ended up getting every shot that I had asked for.  We were done in 90 minutes.  We shot every individual family. We shot the whole gang. We shot all my siblings with my folks. We did Great-grandma shots with her grandkids.  We didn't dare shoot 14 kids with just great grandma ;) but we did get a shot of grandparents with the kids.  We shot just the kids. (this one wasn't on the disk, but it's hilariously accurate of what 14 kids feel like at the end of a photo shoot).  The whole session cost $190 after tax and I have a disk with a release to print.  They kept the stress low, and really were fun with the kids.  If you're looking for a studio for winter photos, and a great experience, I'd recommend camera shy.  Just be sure to call and verify your appointment a week before, because they didn't have us in their system even though I had scheduled in October.  And be sure to review the disk before leaving.  Thankfully, my brother will be in Lehi tomorrow and will grab the disk for me.  It's worth the drive if we could see Bryant, but he's in St this girl is staying north.

Grandkids with Mimi and Papi aka Opa  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

a new favorite for sure

It started with rock-a-bye, comforting when I’d cry, all in her own style.
Then popcorn before my eyes, turning frowns upside down into smiles
With songs of the birds up high, looking at the blue blue skies, the wind as it rushes by
And leading me guiding me, walking beside me, she helped me to walk in the light.
And she built my house on a rock and she lives all that she taught and she is all that a woman should be,
She put the music in me.
I knew He was really there, He heard my child’s prayer answering from up above.
She gave like a little stream, I was her sunbeam, and I felt my Savior’s love.
I saw her kneel in prayer with our family every day, listening to each whispered word.
Gentle in deed, and thought all the things Jesus taught, following promptings she heard.
And she lives to search, ponder, pray, and she gives every day,
So her thanks, will always be thanks indeed,
She put the music in me.
He made the tiny wings each little bird that sings in the leafy treetops up high and all creatures great and small I know God made them all, because of her sweet lullabies.
And she’s like stars shining bright, and helps me to chose the right, and she gives me the hope of a life yet to be,
She put the music in me.
She is so good to me.
Heavenly Father sent her to me and she taught me to lift up my voice and sing
She put the music in me.
She put the music in me.
She put the music in me.


Friday, December 14, 2012

i stand all amazed

Most days, getting my little Aves to kindergarten is a stressful task.  There's interrupting her flow of play, convincing her to get dressed,doing her hair all of which she is rarely excited about having to do. Then there's the dressing 3 little boys, and making sure no one blasts out of their diaper as we are loading up.  Buckling the seat belts. back packs, coat, gloves. snacks. and a 9.7 mile drive to her school-which on great days takes 12 minutes, but most is more like 18-20.  I have to admit that I'm not always in the best of moods by the time we're there.  Especially if I've gotten behind a car that insists on driving 35 in a 50 road, making us late. AGAIN.  Hearing today that 20 children were killed at school...20.  Between the ages of 5-10.  Suddenly being 2 minutes late for school doesn't seem so stressful.  Doesn't deserve the irritation in my voice and harsh tones.  I heard about the shooting while Ava was in school.  When she got home, I talked to her about it.  At a level appropriate of course.  I told her a man had taken a gun and hurt many people.  She asked if they died, and I told her they did.  She looked sad and asked, "But they'll come back alive tomorrow right?  Or maybe in 6 months right?"  I brushed the hair back behind her ear, and explained that they wouldn't be coming back in 6 months.  "Oh," she said, "But when Jesus comes back then they will be able to come back to their mommy and daddys and be kids again. huh?"  I couldn't help but start to cry and hug her.  I shook my head and said, "yes. they will be able to come back to their mommys when Jesus comes."  She then told me that guns aren't allowed at her school, and patted my cheeks and told me not to worry. 

So many horrific tales of killing sprees have occurred, and I've always felt saddened for the families, but somehow, this story is all too chilling to my soul.  Maybe it's because I have a kindergartener now.  Maybe it's because lately, Ava and I have been butting heads a lot, as she pushes the boundaries kids do at this age.  Whatever the reason, I hope to remember to always hug her goodbye.  I hope to always remember how precious she is.  I hope to have the faith she does that while what happened is truly horrific, and we all mourn, and those families are suffering a loss no one should...they will be whole again one day.