Monday, August 17, 2009


So, we've had a "potty" for a while now. We havent really enforced any potty training yet though. Ava has sat on it now and then, but mostly she takes it apart and then tells me it's broken. Saturday, I bought her ariel underwear and colored marshmellows. (toddler currency.) Today, I told her that everytime she sits on the potty she gets marshmellows. So, we watched the potty movie from pull ups and the songs over and over and over--her choice, not mine. that lady creeps me out--pretty much all potty movies do. She ended up wetting one pull up this afternoon and went down for her nap at like 4:45 with a dry pull up. I had filled her with juice and gatorade earlier in the day, so I was really surprised when she was dry after her nap. Leah had been over and we were talking about potty training and maybe doing Lucy and Ava at the same time-thinking they'd teach and encourage eachother. Ava sat on the potty about 5 minutes before they left, and hung out there for a while with her new favorite toy--a hand me down TY doll from Lucy. About 10 minutes later, SHE DID IT! Part of me is I really announcing to the world wide web about my daughter's urinary functions, but hey...I'm freaking excited! Since she hadn't gone since before nap, it filled the whole potty seat. She was so excited. She had us call her Granni and papa so she could tell them. She got her marshmellows and now her doll has to go potty about every 10 minutes. She also got a pair of Ariel panties to wear as a prize. It's been about....2 hours since then...still dry. We'll see how it goes. Maybe those annoying potty songs are what she needed.

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Katherine said...

Okay there is a book (at the library) called Toilet training in less than a day....You should really try it. I used it for my younger kids and LOVED it! The younger kids were trained in less that 3 hours because of what I learned in this book/. FANTASTICK!! It does require a doll that wets... But I may have one you could borrow, or you could get one and set it aside to use for all your kids when the time comes. it is soooo simple you wouldn't believe it. I bet you could even get Alex to watch Simon so you can focos on it for a few hours.