Friday, January 15, 2010

that's gonna leave a mark!

I slipped on the stupid ice this morning outside of my office. My whole body is now having 'after shock' effects and sore in places that don't make sense. Seriously, I need a camera crew following me. With how often I fall, I should be a millionaire from funniest home videos. It's never a graceful fall when I stumble either; it's always a crazy-limbs flying-body twisting, painfully funny fall.
The air outside is so gross, that i haven't been able to see Angie's house for 2 days. She lives across the street from me. That's beyond ridiculous. Ava's lungs are trashed from the pollution, along with just about everyone in the Wasatch Front. I love my neighbors, so we all need to pick up and move to clean air central. Or install some massive windmills along the valley to blow out the bad air. Something. This is crazy.
Simon loves technology. If I'm on the phone or my laptop, he has to be RIGHT.THERE. holding it, pounding it, excitingly yelling, and attempting to slam it open and shut. Fake phones and lappyies are no distraction. He knows the real deal. It's kind of crazy how smart my 10 month old baby is about some things. Things I don't think he should catch onto yet, he totally does. Between him and Ava...I'm TOAST!
Yesterday was beyond crazy. I'm going to post about my reality tv worthy morning on my workout blog, because that's where the drama of the day began.
Just as a side note, the last week has been HELL! That being said, however, I'm finally coming to understand what it means in the BOM about....opposition. It seems the crappier my day is ...the more I appreciate my husband. I mean, yesterday was an all out horrid day and yet at the end of it all, I found myself more in love with Chris than the day before. I am grateful for my trying times, because it makes me realize that I could not do this alone, and that I'm truly blessed to have him at my side. And most days, holding me up, so that I don't drown in the craziness of my days. It's a good thing he is so strong, because at times I feel so horribly weak. He's genuinely a good man.

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