Monday, September 27, 2010


So, here's the deal. We are not in charge. We have agency. If you choose to forgo the birth control even once, you're giving God the opportunity to mess with your time line. For instance, our plan was to start for #3 in Chris's last semester so she'd come a good 2 years from now. God's plan was for her to come now.

We are pregnant.

If you ask Ava-she's100% positive that it's a girl. And her name is Ka-la-a-ka. Not sure if that name will stick but hey. It's a place to start. Sandi asked Ava if she's excited

"Yes. She's my sister. And I will hold her. and love her. and we will be best friends"

"But what if it's a boy? Will you still love him?"-and her reply was "Granni, I said, it's a sister."

There you have it. I am not sure how far along I am. My next appt is October 12. I'll know then when they do the ultrasound and measure the babe. So, here's to scary adventures.


Amanda K said...

Congrats!!!!!!! So happy for you.

May you never ever be sick, have tons of energy and go into a quick, painless labor at 38 weeks :)


I was serious about the congrats part though :)

Fike's Lives said...

That is exciting news! Hope the pregnancy is smooth sailing!

Dianne said...

Congratulations! Surprises like that can be difficult at first and then become a huge blessing later on and you wonder why you were ever so concerned.

Candace said...

Congrats! You fertile myrtle you! I'm really digging the name Ava chose!

B-Blogit said...

Congrats! And you be good to mama in there ka la la ka a