Monday, October 4, 2010

Be it ever so humble...

This weekend was amazing. Chris and I dropped the kids at my parents about 6pm on Friday night and started our weekend away. We drove down to Casa del Cope in St. George.

We were both up at 6:30am Saturday, hahahahaha oh yeay for habits. I made pancakes, and we sat out on the back deck and watched the sun rise over snow canyon. PHENOMENAL. We spent about an hour or so navigating St. George in the S2000 around the St. George marathon, and stopped for lunch at Pancho and Leftys. From there, we headed back to the house for a little siesta. OH NAPS-how glorious ye be. We headed for Vegas about 4pm. Due to the time change--which I had totally forgotten about--we had about 2 hours to kill in town before val's flight came in. So, we headed to the outlets to find Chris some new VANS. He hasn't had VANS for about 3 years, and decided since his NB are about shot, that he was ready to go back to the super comfy ever lasting VANS. We found the coolest pair that are like a turquoise teal/black. They rock. We also got him a new belt, since he's lost about 6 inches on his waist in the last year. We scored a reversable leather belt at Wilson Leather outlet and a new coat for me. Originally it was $140, I got it for $30. HOLY CRAP. It is bright yellow and adorable. I love it. We had so much fun just walking around and snacking on AUNTIE ANNE'S PRETZELS---oh how I've missed you. Please come to Utah ASAP.
Due to my awesome navigating abilities, we got a bit lost on the way to the airport by taking a left that should have been a right. Eventually, we found our way to VAL!!!!!! I ended up booking a hotel that was about 5 miles off the strip--ooooooooops. But it was cheap and nice. We dropped our gear and braved the drive back to the strip to show Val the sights. Chris and I rode the rollercoaster at NY NY--so-much-FUN! We were STARVING and most of the places were closed so we ended up eating at a cafe in one of the hotels. Our waitress was 65 and stoned or something. SO WEIRD. The food We walked around until about 2am when we all decided I was way too grumpy to put up with. My bedtime is 10pm.
Sunday morning we hit the breakfast buffet, and then drove down to the Stratosphere and went to the top. Chris was totally wanting to do the 900 ft free fall, but just as we got there, they closed it due to high winds and rain. CRAP! We went up though, and man it was high. I am a bit relieved that he didn't jump. I don't think I can witness my husband jumping off a 900 foot building. Even if he is harnessed. NO THANKS!
We drove back up to St. George and showed Val around Snow Canyon. We spent about an hour hiking. She was in love. Who wouldn't be? We didn't have much time, as it was about 4pm when we got back to that area, so we headed back to northern Utah about 6pm. We got to my folks house just before 11pm to pick up our sleeping kiddos. I swear they had grown 3" each. I realized as we loaded them up that I had really really missed them.
We are so happy to be home--thanks to a dear friend, I walked into a 100% perfect house. I about fainted. Everything was so beautiful. Thank you to my angel. I was happy to sleep in my bed with my whole family home, and Val downstairs.
I woke up this morning to Ava knocking on the bathroom door--Chris had just finished his shower.
"I NEED IN THE SHOWER--I JUST TOTALLY POOPED" oh it's good to be home! :)

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