Friday, September 28, 2012

Passion restored

I'll admit it, my last few photo sessions...have been not that great.  I mean, they aren't bad, but something was missing. It seemed every time I was going to leave for a shoot, things went very wrong and i was starting to wonder if the universe was shouting "YOU DON'T BELONG BEHIND THE LENS SWEETY!  However, after last night, I decided it was probably the lack of caffeine in my body, because I had been giving it up.

I picked up a DP10, as my week has been non stop and headed to photograph the Heiners.  I love this family. Seriously.  They have great energy.  They like each other, not just love each other, and it shows.  They naturally gravitate to one another if that makes sense. 
I loved this session.

We also almost got ran down by a train, which is pretty awesome. This is Sophie waving to the train that nearly ran down her mom.

Trains are loud!

Thank you Heiner family for restoring my love for photography. There was no stress. Just laughs. A few tears (it's good for the soul) and absolutely stunning portraits!

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