Wednesday, November 4, 2009

new boots!!!

So every year I see cute boots and almost buy them. I never have. They are always like $50 a pair. well I found a site that sells them at like $20 a pair. It took me almost a month to narrow down to 2 pair. One dressy, one for anyday. I almost got grey, but then fell in love with these blue ones. UM! fabulous. I decided that Winter has enough grey. I also got these awesome heels. Not sure if I will be able to walk in them hahaha but they are swingin.

yeay for shoe shopping

**Edited to add link***
As per your requests cutesy girl is the site that I ordered from. A WORD OF CAUTION. Their clothing line is like 98% skank, so if you're shopping online with your little girls, maybe avoid that area. Their lingerie link would make Victoria Secret blush. Their boots are endless and super cheap though!

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Blackeyedsue said...

You aren't allowed to post that and not the link to the website. BTW I just bought those same blue boots in "espresso". LOVE THEM! I love boots too! I have a gray pair. The experts say that they are the "in" boot this year!!!