Thursday, October 29, 2009

putting it back together

The drywall guys are here fixing the office. The flooring company came to measure. Brandon Stanger went home teaching with Chris last night--they did both of their sets of families. Then he came over to check out our damage and let us know he does this kind of thing every day and could likely get us a better price on stuff. sweet! I don't really know him well, and am sad about that. He seems really cool and just a happy energetic person. From what I know of his gorgeous wifey, Connie, she seems the same. What a fun couple! So, we're getting put back together. I was a tad embarrassed though. I spent yesterday playing with Ava in my free time. We had a tea party and then got ready for trunk or treating and then had girls over for cocoa after--because HOLY CRAP IT WAS COLD! My kitchen was a NIGHT.MARE when Brandon and Chris came back-as I hadn't gotten to it yet. Well I'll post some photos soon of this mess and the journey of fixing it.

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B-Blogit said...

hang in there with all the diseasters! Hope you arent getting too cold with the weather out there! Love the new look of the blog and the pictures! Miss you guys!

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