Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ava Jayne is 3

Yesterday, Ava turned the big 3. I can't believe she is already 3~the time has literally blurred by. She was so tiny when she was born, but she's always been a character, ready to be part of the action. She has an imaginary friend-Angiewho-a little boy, that she will tell you is a "good boy" and takes many naps and occasionally will call her on her play cell phone to let her know he's driving to pick up his mom. She once pointed out Edward Cullen as Angiewho, but I'm hoping that was a fluke. She loves Dora and Barbie movies--cannot get enough of the dancing barbie movies that have music. She can count to 20, and her favorite number is eleven-teen. If you are counting with her, be sure not to skip it...or she'll quickly and firmly correct your counting. She knows several songs, ABC-twinkle twinkle-itsy bitsy-frosty the snowman-child of God-Stories of Jesus-yeah too many to name, and will sing them to Simon when he gets sad. She is a great big sister, and has to really fight not to squeeze her little brother several times a day. She has SO much of Chris in her looks and demeanor. She also got my sass and stubbornness...what a combo eh? She absolutely cannot resist cutting her hair if she comes across scissors, and if she could, she would paint, cut and glue all day. She's been potty training for 6-7 months now, and is really making great progress. If you are sad, she will tell you to be happy and that everything will be Ok, and immediately start being goofy to make you smile, or offer you some chocolate milk. She loves cocoa, but not hot. She loves to make up stories, and every event she will tell you about has occurred, will occur, or is occurring "yesterday." She can recite several Dr. Suess books--thankfully we've recently broadened our bedtime book collection. She is also learning the ABC in sign language, and loving it!
Aves has been the greatest most amazing blessing of my life. I knew about her long before she joined our family. Heavenly Father knew I'd need a few years preparation for her. She teaches me patience, kindness, and love in a new way. I hope to raise her and shape her to be as lovely a person inside, as she is physically. Here come the 3s....Heaven Help Us ALL! :) Hand me one of those...would ya?

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