Tuesday, December 1, 2009

pictures and things i should have been posting about

  • We got new tile and carpet with the money from the insurance claim. It looks really nice. Brandon Stanger from our ward was our GC--awesome to work with and when we need stuff like this again...he's going to be the one we call for sure!

  • We had a ton of snow a few weeks ago. Ava, Riley and Lana had a blast playing in it. Ava also got to have Hot Cocoa and has become a cocoa addict!
  • Ava tried to shave her top lip in the bath and my parents house. It was the night of my Nana's birthday.
  • Madison's 5th Birthday on Nov. 16th was awesome. Ava hit her first pinata. It was vitually indestructible. Lots of cake and food and fun. Angie made that cake. AMAZING!
  • Simon is crawling all over the place. He says "that." and loves sink baths. he is getting so big! he thinks he's even bigger! he tries to eat all by himself already. He's a snugglie little guy and the light of my life for sure!

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Katherine said...

Alex did that shave the top lip thing when she was about that age too...amazing how much blood can come from a cut like that.