Monday, May 17, 2010

I got home tonight from a shower and my family is gone. Not the outcome I expected, but I'll take it over screaming house any day. Is that wrong? I got a call about an hour into the shower. All I could hear was screaming, and Chris saying to come home as soon as it was over. I wasn't too excited to hear that, so I hung up without responding. I got a text about 2 minutes later saying never mind and that he had things under control. As I was holding Camille's adorable little Owen, Marilyn asked if I was getting baby hungry. I answered with an affirmative and almost angry...NO WAY! My 3 year old keeps me grounded when it comes to that. I used to want 5 kids. Now, I know better.

I had a lot of fun tonight. The Heiner girls are so much fun. It was beautiful with Orange, Yellow and Lime green everywhere. LOVELY! I was in charge of the word search. I thought it was a fun idea to create it in a heart shape. It made for a challenging game. Ally ultimately won! She is hardcore at Shower games. I am almost positive she wins at every family shower.

Natalie P looked awesome. She's inspiring! {YOU ARE} I'm ready to start working out again. It's been a very lazy few months for this body. I have 2 weddings this June to be HOT for. haha ok well...I'll settle for luke warm.

Ok well that's all the brain power I have left for today {or this week most likely}

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BellaMamma said...

As do you, my dear! :)