Tuesday, May 18, 2010

unleash the wet noodles

I hate credit card companies. I mean. HATE! Now and then, however, I fall prey to the enticing SAVE MORE to open one. I recently allowed myself to play stupid and open one at children's place. Last month, I made a payment in store, and guessed where my payoff was. I got home, saw the statement and realized I was off. So, I called in to make another payment. The only thing I hate more than a credit card, is carrying a balance on one. I make the call, give the information, and get a verification code. Fast forward to yesterday. I get this weird call from a machine telling me to contact such and such company about my account. That's weird. I just paid that off. So I call in. The girl tells me I have a balance of like $135. JIGGA WHAAA? She does some digging. Turns out there is a late fee, returned check fee, and all random fees. I explain that isn't possible as I made 2 payments in one day to zero out the account. She sites off the information that the person who took my payment entered. The girl added a 1 to the end of my account number. Making my payment invalid, and therefore late. Thankfully, she realized that none of that was error on my end and zeroed the account. Now, on one hand. I realize that anyone can make a typo. There are several in this blog post I'm sure. What I don't undestand is how they would just allow fees to pile up on top of each other instead of calling me when the payment didn't process. What Craptastic company. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, my days of using a Children's Place Card are over! not that I won't shop there, I just will do it without their incompetent card services.

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BellaMamma said...

Lame. Don't you love how everyone acts so innocent and we all get ripped off?