Sunday, June 6, 2010

Max and the Owenator

Last week, I got an email from cousin Josh, that they would be blessing his twins this Sunday in his ward in Orem. So, today, we played hooky from our ward, and drove down to be a part of this awesome ordinance. Their ward building is beautiful, and the view from its parking lot was amazing. Utah valley may have a 'weird' rep, but the mountains really are more amazing down there. Little Max and Owen looked so cute in their white blessing gear. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many priesthood holders gathered for blessing someone so tiny. Both boys were very reverent *yeay for binkies* and received wonderful blessings from their daddy. Camille looked amazing. This woman just gave birth to TWINS--carried farther than most twin mommies I know, and had a totally flat tummy. She made some joke about a girdle, but I didn't see any girdle lines, or that funky fat that squeezes out of the top. Oh I know all about that funky fat displacement--let me tell you. But I digress. Natalie and Dovy were there. I wish we lived closer to them. We need Pam and Steve, and Natalie and Dovy to live in our neighborhood. Seriously. We like eachother, and our kids hold hands. so cute. And--they were all in the same color panel as well. See, I'm not the only person who does this. *I knew there had to be more out there* We wore our Michelle wedding purple gear, and they were all in a really pretty coralish pink. Loved it!
There was a lunch after the blessing at Josh and Cam's new home. Their house is so cute and gorgeous. I heard they had just moved in, but I don't buy it. We've been here for 4 years, and they were far more decorated and put together than we've ever been. Dear Cam, please come decorate my home--whilst juggling new twin boys. :) Ava loved being in a new environment with new people to show off all her tricks to. The combination of heat and cotton from the trees sent me into a funk. I wish I would have been more mentally there. the cotton seriously messes with my ability to function. Benedryl anyone? I need a new allergy med. They served the perfect desert, CREAMIES! We all had purple ones. Simon spilled on his shirt, but it didn't matter, because it MATCHED!
We were going to head to my parents house after, but Ava was having bad allergies and I was too, so Chris drove us home instead. I snored most of the way. So attractive. We got to sneak a peak at Bilary's basement progress. *alliteration* It's looking amazing. So incredible. Then, we took a family walk. I love our family walks. Simon does too. he drags his little backpack that he rides in up to Chris all the time and says "Dad, eh? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?" until we give in. I think he likes the new view he gets from being 6' tall instead of 24". He passed out about 10 minutes into the walk. LOVE IT! One kid to go.......*pictures of adorable twins to follow in the near *(but probably not really that near)* future.


BellaMamma said...

Seriously. I was talking to Dovy about that on the way home. I wish we did live closer. :( And I love that you blog so well. I do once a week, quick facts, done. I can't juggle more than that right now. You're amazing. And seeing Anjali and Ava hold hands was heart-melting, to be sure. Thanks for posting pics, too!

BellaMamma said...

Oh, and as an afterthought... I buy my almonds (and pecans) at Sam's Club. I only buy raw almonds in the Kirkland Signature brand. I think they're in the baking aisle, not the snack area. I only eat 2-4 every time I snack, because 8 almonds equals about 50 calories and 3 grams of fat. But, they are good fats and a good source of protein. So, there's my two cents.

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