Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm doing this for ME ...and for Chirs really

I'm going to pretend I'm not at all freaked out by this new look of blogger.  But my imagination may not be that great. WHAT THE HECK?! Ok ok...

Bathrooms.  What is is about bathrooms that makes them so impossible to keep clean?  The dust, the whiskers, the hair from shedding.  I hate to use washclothes when cleaning bathrooms. I swear it just moves the bits of dust and whiskers from this spot to that one.  The only way I have ever been able to get myself to clean them is by using about a roll of paper towels.  Well I'm out of paper towels, and for whatever reason cannot seem to remember they are on my list when I go to the store.  However, my bathrooms desperately needed cleaned.  Especially the tubs.  Warmer weather=really really dirty children.  So, today I sucked it up and bleached a wash cloth for a good hour and went to work.  It's 40 degrees out after days and days of extreme heat.  We're calling a blanket day.  My kids minds will rot in front of netflix.  My ipad will cycle through various pandora stations in hopes of keeping me motivated and I WILL deep clean sections of this house. Bathrooms being at the top of said list. I am pretty sure that I'm the only one who notices when the toilet gets gross.  Seriously, hard water rings are so so so disgusting to me.
  • Master Bathroom-toilet, counter, tub, shower
  • Kids Bathrom-toilet, shower, tub, counter
  • Downstairs Bathroom-toilet, counter
  • Laundry
    • Whites-wash, dry, fold, put away
    • Ava's Bedding
      • sheets-wash, dry, fold, put away
      • comforter,wash, dry,place back on bed
    • Kids Clothing,
      • Wash, Dry, Put Away
  • Kitchen 
    • Unload Dishes, Load Dishes, Start Dishwasher--rinse, later, repeat
    • Wipe down counters with clorox clean up. 
    • Sweep floor
    • Wipe down floor
    • Wipe down table with clorox clean up
    • Windex Windows and patio door
  • Vacuum
    •  Living Room
    • Stairs
    • Ava Room
    • Simon Room
    • Hallway
    • Master Bedroom
The plan is to check back with this list every hour to mark my progress, and have it all done by the time Chris gets home as a surprise.  Then, we will spend all of Saturday SOMEWHERE ELSE, as to not mess up my perfect home.  Oh and somewhere in there I need to start dinner. I hope my chicken thaws sometime soon.  It needs to get into the oven by 4.

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Julie said...

That is a big list. I hope that you can get it all done. For your own sanity. It is so nice to have a clean house, but so hard to get it there and impossible to keep it there. I say that whatever you get done will be better than not doing any of it and still go some where tomorrow and enjoy a day off. That is my goal for today.

You are an amazing woman!!!