Friday, June 8, 2012

best friend day

I had the kind of day today, where you don't even realize how sore and tired you are until about 9pm. I sat down and just started aching, but you know what? TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Sadly, Becky and Keri's crew weren't able to come to our BBQ, but it was still a total blast. (Would have been even more amazing with them)  I am so grateful for this place.  I know that our life is INSANITY in its truest form these days.  I look at the last 13 months---the numerous trials sent our way, emotionally-financially--sometimes it still feels too much.  But then, then we have days like today.  And nights like tonight.  Where we sit with friends.  That's friends, with an s.  I realize....I'm not lonely anymore.  I may be hopelessly buried in IHC invoices, and spreadsheet calculations attempting to make our income greater than our outgo--or even equal....but I have amazing friends.  And so do my kids. My kids aren't lonely.  Do we miss the friends we lost when we moved? Yes.  Ava talks about them constantly.  But, she knows now that she isn't the problem.  That she is a great girl worth loving.  She had months where she thought no one would like her, because her best friend suddenly was gone.  And didn't seem to miss her.  And I had no explanation for her.  So, today I'm grateful that on "National Best Friend Day," we were surrounded by 5 amazing families.....building new best friendships.

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