Friday, June 19, 2009

shooo mosquito don't BITE my girl

I took the day off today to play with Hilary and her kids. Rusty decided to be insane, and register to run a 2 day race from Logan to Park City. Yeah, he's going to be 33 this October...I think he's running from that. His body will surely remind him tomorrow. Anyway, they drove up to drop him and stopped by to have a fun playdate with us on their way back to Riverton. We went to Sandi's and spent the day swimming. While I was sure to get all the kids covered in sunscreen, I skipped myself, thanks to Ava's impatience. She couldn't stand to wait one moment longer, and I totally forgot to get my face. I'm pretty sure I'm radioactively glowing. Matt's new name for me is RED. Even my eyelids are sunburned. I didn't even know that could happen. All I can say is yeay for sunshirts, because it saved us all! Hilary said her back is soooooooooooo burned, but thankfully none of the kids are.
My poor baby girl, Ava, is being EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes. I found one in the house tonight and KILLED it. she has 4 bites on her left arm. seriously mosquito. 4 bites. INSANE. does anyone know if the OFF fan really works? Obviously, we're in need of repellent. And I'm very much allergic to the fumes of the other stuff. Lemme know. Shanks!

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