Monday, June 15, 2009

i love my little man! 3 months old

At 3 months old...Simon is getting more and more adorable
  • He can roll from front to back
  • He laughs--but you have to really commit to your routines. He makes you work for it!
  • He talks in "ahhhs" and "cooos"
  • He loves to have reading time
  • He loves tummy time on his new mat--where he kicks and kicks trying to reach his toys
  • He has survived 3 months of Ava's maulings of hugs and intense kisses
  • He has been seizure free since March 18th! Still takes a nightly does of pheno-barb.
  • He's 15 pounds!
  • LOVES to snuggle
  • He loves to sit in the shade at the park and watch Ava play
  • Total lady's man--follows neighbor Kate with his eyes everywhere she goes and pouts when she gets out of sight. *cute*
I am so in love with my little Simon Heiner. I just can't get enough of his "worries" wrinkles and perfect feature face!!! I am so grateful to be his mom and to be able to snuggle him all the day!
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daiseymae said...

You do have an adorable little boy! I was noticing on sunday how perfect his little features are. So cute!

Bilary said...

He is so stinking cute! I love his little faces he pulls. My kids all love him too. It's so fun to have a baby living next door that we can love to pieces once in a while. :)

carolee said...

he's already getting so big! cute pictures of a cute little boy.