Thursday, February 4, 2010

i love 8:30 bed times!

So everyone seems to be updating their blogs this week. Yeay for having things to keep me distracted from the obvious amount of housework I had to do today. I finally reached that -- I'VE HAD IT-- point tonight at dinner. Thankfully, Ava wore herself out at the Mcdonalds playground--I of these days we'll get some nasty disease from it, but until then...horrah for indoor playgrounds--and Madison was here until about 8pm. They ended their 5 hour play date with smiles, hugs, and Ava attempting to pick up Madison. that girl kills me. I think all play dates should end that way. I told Ava that after I put Simon to bed, we could play the 'Elmo goes to the doctor' game on the 'compEter' She sat on her bed to wait, and in the whole--oh 15 minutes it took me to put Simon to bed, she was OUT COLD! sitting up totally snoring. I put a blanket on her and set to work. I started folding the laundry that's been piling up since our return from MT. and beginning new loads. An embarrassing amount of laundry later, I headed downstairs to gather all the toys that insist on cluttering my life and put them out of sight. I swear my house gained 200 sq ft. I was able to get done with the dishes before I hit the wall. I am quite proud, although there's still a long list of things to finish before this place is great, it's more than I've done in a week. I ventured downstairs to watch 'ONCE UPON A MATTRESS.' 2005 version. Carol Burnett...I hate your plastic surgery but I love everything else. It was just what I needed. Some music, some dancing, hilarious costumes...a great way to end a stressful day! I miss theatre, and performing. These days I choke every chance I have to perform. I either forget my words, or the notes...and on the best occasions, BOTH! *meh* I'll leave the curtain calls to Nat and Seana. Well it's nearly midnight, and there's a 100% chance one or both of my kids will be up before 8am since they were down at 8:30.


BellaMamma said...

And I love 7:30 bedtimes. hehe :) Just started putting the girls down at the same time yesterday. Until now, I've always put Elli to bed later. So far, so good. Minimal crying. Hope you're doing well.

Katherine said...

do you own that movie? I want to borrow it. I loved the play Kirsti was in earlier this year and I have been wanting to see the movie.