Wednesday, February 24, 2010


For some reason, my blog makes me moderate all of Katherine's comments. No one else's gets screened. This puzzles me. Wow, thank goodness for spell check. My spelling and grammar have gone way down the toilet. O'neill would be truly saddened. It's like I grew up in Monaca or something. heh. Oh wait, no one from PA reads this. CRAP!
Ok what to blog about. Blogs. bloggity. OH i KNOW!! PICTURE PAGES TIME!! Here are some photos from our trip to Montana. LOOK IT'S MY MOM!

And below her is my dad and Simon playing the piano. And then a cute shot of Simon with his first ever icecream cone. I have about 80000 from this moment in his life, if you ever want a slideshow of it. It's pretty awesome.
Here we have my nephew Daniel. Cute kid. I took this hoping that the massive gash he has on his head would appear a football injury and not that he was pushed and fell into the leg of a chair. yeah. rough 10 minutes. Oh and yes. Me and my Aves. And..of course, Montana would not be complete without my grandpa's recliner. This is the greatest chair ever created. EVER! You should click on this picture and make it enlarge to capture to the true greatness of the expression on Ava's face. the faces she pulls never cease to crack me up! what. It's almost midnight. I really should sleep. I exhausted all of my writer's energy on updating my other blog. So...goodnight.


Jennifer said...

I read your blog so I get your Monaca comment!! :)

Deborah said...

hahaha you would appreciate it more than most being a Roche. saddest part is now monaca and center ARE the same.

Katherine said...

It's because I write such naughty things on the internet. ha ha ha