Monday, February 22, 2010

may 21 2010

I have been dreaming of setting this date for 4 years! Today, I sat down and set up the autodraft payments and it's car will be paid off BY may 21st. My goal is to squeeze every penny until it bleeds dimes and have the pay off be my birthday may 7. Seriously, what greater birthday gift can there be than NO car payment? ever again. ever.EVER!!! DO YOU HEAR ME WORLD???? KILL MY CAR THAT DAY AND I WILL TAKE THE FREAKING BUS; I'M NEVER DOING A CAR PAYMENT EVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!

My next item of business will be a vacation. with my husband. and steve and pam. and no kids. kids can vacation as soon as they can wipe their own behind--or the pennies stop bleeding---whichever comes first. My sister in law is headed to Disneyland this June with their family, and that made me crazy jealous...but really, my brother squeezes his pennies into silver dollars, so they have the cash for a vacation. and it's been a long time coming. So, I can wait. I guess. The 4 of us will have to adventure to somewhere REALLY have no idea. I don't care if we go to Wolf Creek in Ogden as long as I'm kid free for 3 days. Is that awful? Well it's honest if anything.


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Phil and Cami said...

You do realize that because to told the world to bring it and kill your car, it will die the day you pay it off, right? How very exciting for you! I'm awaiting the beloved tax return to pay off our appliance loan and credit card...I'm so excited to be debt free again!!!! (except the house of course.) Isn't it the best feeling in the world!