Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i know nothing

Ok, I take back everything I ever thought I knew about bedtimes and sleep schedules. Last night, by 8:30 the kids were sound asleep--and perhaps it's because I've become smug in my ability to transition through Day light savings time...that my morning came several hours early. Simon woke about 2am. I could have let him scream back to sleep--but there was something about his yell, that triggered he needed comfort. About 4am, Ava came into my room saying she needed to go potty. I applaud her ability to wake up vs just pee the bed. She then asked for a chocolate milk and so I stumbled down to get one. She wanted me to lay with her for a while so I did. At 5, she said she was still hungry, and wanted more milk...so I got her a refill. 6am she woke me up saying Simon was being loud and to go get him. Simon had woken up again and was MAD! I went back into my room where Chris was trying to help him. He didnt' want food, or milk or anything. He just wanted to be mad. at 6:45 Ava came in to tell us that Simon was loud and she wanted some breakfast. So, Chris and I gave up on the idea of sleeping and took them downstairs. I dosed Simon with IBUprofin, and some benedryl --because he's all congested. I went to the redbox and got Princess and the Frog. Simon fell asleep at 9 for his nap. It's now 10:04. I'm beyond dragging. Chris and I had a movie night last night so we didn't get to bed until late. I got about 3 hours of off on sleep. My eyes BURN! for sleep. Ava doesn't even SEEM tired. Tonight, when the kids fall asleep at 8, I fully intend to lay in bed until I too fall asleep.

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Jazmine said...

Being a mom seems like a beautiful thing huh? I can't wait till it's my turn, someday.