Sunday, April 4, 2010

blogging in transit

How insane is it that I'm blogging while Chris is making the 4.5 hour drive back to the grey Wasatch Front? Technology pretty much blows my mind. Oh verizon HP mini, how I love thee.

St. George was worth the crazy Friday I endured to get there. I almost told Chris to go without me, but I'm glad that I didn't let my temper get the best of me. Ava has what the docs say was allergies, but I am leaning toward something stronger than that. She just hasn't felt good all weekend. But, we promised her all last week that she could spend the weekend in St George with Granni, so when the doc cleared her to go, I had no reason to keep her in the winter wonderland of Clearfield. the drive down was nice. The kids did really well, and we did the whole drive without stopping. My bladder must be made of titanium, because I swear I spent the last 1/2 of the trip on full. I figured if my 3 year old didn't have to stop, than I shouldn't have to. We got there about 30 minutes after Bec and Trav and Nat.

We spent our weekend in the big room. my favorite. it gets SO dark. Things I love about st. george...ready?
=COLOR. every where you look is a bright, bold color. green, red, yellow, blooming lovliness.
=EVERY DAY WAS 70 DEGREES! We went out at 10 am for an egg hunt in SHORTS! I loved it
=Family walks around the Reserve Subdivision. We walked through a new massive home that is being built. It's amazing what people can dream up when the amount of zeros following the $ is insignificant.
=Scrabble. Board scrabble isn't a fav, but bec and nat played with me so that ava could . participate. they are great aunts. my brain felt rejuvenated.
=movie nights. we brought down the PS3 and bluray. sherlock holmes on like an 83 inch tv with surround sound in blu ray AMAZING.
=SALSA ala Dave. Dad made his homemade salsa. this stuff heals my soul. i'm not even kidding. the freshness of all the ingrediants, the perfect blend of amazingness. let's not discuss the amount of tostito bags that were consumed in a mere moments following the completion of salsa batch 1.
I could go on and on, pretty much the only drawback to st. george is that we're never there long enough. But, we're going back in a couple weeks with steve and pam. WORD!

Simon is bored out of his mind...and we're only 139 miles into the nearly 400 mile trip home. anyway, i just want to say this was a great easter. Ava got a pink baby pony from the easter bunny (thanks to nat for not letting me wuss out on easter basket gifts ;) and we loved every moment.

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nat said...

it was soooo fun to see you guys :) yay for spring family trips. love ya!