Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Since about 8th grade, when I first heard my sister Seana play her CD of Jekyll & Hyde, I have been STAR STRUCK by Linda Eder. I listened to her on that sound track over and over, trying to get my voice to have even 1/10th of the emotion and awesomeness as hers. In highschool, my friend Josh and I would go down into the basement, blast the tracks, and sing to eachother as if we were Lucy and Jekyll. We never made it through the serious songs, because he was gay and as we got to the intense moments we'd crack up. For my 19th birthday, my dad got me the Linda Eder GOLD CD. It was worn out in a matter of months. Thank goodness for burning software. In college, my sophomore year, I took Vocal Performance. Our homework? Linda Eder's song book. My vocal teacher pushed me to be better and stronger performer. She pushed a bit too hard and I stopped singing for a few years. However, I still adored Linda's songs.
I have been stalking her website the past 5 years, hoping she'd come anywhere NEAR me for a performance and then--that I'd actually have the funds to go see her. Well ladies and gents...SHE'S COMING TO OREM UTAH of all places JUNE 24. Her website wasn't selling tickets yet, but the SCERA theater--where she's performing, IS! I went on and bought 8 tickets this morning. I'm beyond excited and am sure the next 2 months will d---r----a-----g on, but that's ok, because she is worth waiting for. If you've never had the immense pleasure of listening to Linda Eder, I would STRONGLY suggest you do. You will not be disappointed.
here's a youtube of the song josh and I used to attempt--starring Linda Eder 1997.

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