Monday, July 11, 2011


Let's face it, I've had a love with owls for ages now. Pam has the most adorable, and soft blanket for Victoria made of Raspberry and Chocolate brown owls, and I'm on the hunt to make my twinners some boy versions--really how do you NOT love this?

I have no idea what we're going to name the little guys, because I really only have 1 boy name that I love. Jeffrey Logan. I'm not sure where Chris stands on that name.
It turns out that having identical twins not only means you get to have a conversation with the fetal medicine doc, but you get to see him on a weekly basis. I guess this time around, I won't really have any issue paying the insane amount that guy gets to bill, because we'll be BFF.
The kids are screaming. It's 10:15pm, I'm barely coherent, and they are screaming, because they don't want to be going to sleep. Seriously. This is insane. I can't wait for us to move and get into a routine again. This limbo thing SUCKS.

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