Thursday, August 30, 2012


Taken the night before school started

I was nervous that Ava would be really mad when she realized she was going back to kindergarten.  She was telling all of her friends that she'd be going to 1st grade this year, since she did Bravo Kindergarten last year.  Chris sat her down and explained that because she has a late birthday, she gets to go to kindergarten twice.  But, this is awesome, because it means she is bigger and can help the teacher, and will be very smart!  She loved her first day.  In her words "It was GREAT!"  Her teacher even sent out an email after school, letting us know how the day went. How awesome is that?  We had a rough start in the morning.  The first outfit got milk on it.   Then I got the flat iron too close to her head and burned her.  *ouch*  But at the end of the day she loved school and says she's excited to go back!  And, the uniforms....pretty cute after all. 
Actual first day of school photo

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