Monday, December 31, 2012

The Resolutions

Save a minimum of $200 in the USAA account every month to go towards the trip we promised our kids for 2014.

Pay off All Store Credit Cards-aside from Amex and Discover.  Those balances will require a bit longer.  Thanks House. Thanks Medical Bills.

Increase Photography Business to a steady side income.  Book 5-6 sittings/month. 1/2 to go into AFCU savings. 1/2 to go towards Debt Snowball. Book over 6 and the income can go toward a date  with the hubby! :)

Continue to Price Match groceries to keep in budget

Pack Chris's Lunch

Wean off of soda completely

Pay off the Toyota

Read scriptures every night to the kids

Bedside prayers-personal and with the kids

Wean the babies onto milk or lactaid.

Figure out how to sleep again

Meet with an endodontist about these wisdom teeth that are KILLING me

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