Monday, February 25, 2013


Before I begin, I would just like to say...that we have an amazing family.  We are blessed with Chris's full time employement.  We have great health insurance.  I am not at all ignorant to what incredible blessings those all are.

But I'm going to stop opening my mail.  As it is, I only check my mailbox once a week.  The medical bills, they never end.  We had our balance down to like...$6,000 owed to IHC, not to mention the $3,000 that I put on my amex to keep out of collections.  And I opened my mail today to find another $2400 in medical that has just been billed, due to Austen's stay at McKay with RSV last month.  Again, they took amazing care of him.  I just am feeling a bit defeated that IHC patient financial services and I are never going to break up.  It's been an expensive 3 years medically.  I had two surgeries. I had twins. Those twins needed NICU time. Both needed home medical supplies at a few times.  Simon had three surgeries.  We have three surgeries this spring (provided Austen doesn't get sick again.)  If you're reading this and single.  SAVE YOUR MONEY.  Babies are amazing and I love my kids.  they are so much more expensive than I ever imagined.  And mine are healthier than most I know.  Even with the above medical crap.  Now, I'm going to figure out a game plan to log jam this medical nightmare out of our lives before I'm 30, because we're supposed to cruise with Mickey that year...and I don't want IHC hanging over my head that trip.  

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