Sunday, February 3, 2013

dusting off the ol blog

Usually, the day we get paid--the moment the money has been deposited, I start the redistribution of the money.  $ to the land lord, $ to the power, gas, water, credit cards, student loan.  But now and then...I wait a day or two, and just log in to see a balance with a comma.  It helps me to remember what we are working towards.
Goals for the year update:

Well, in January, I was able to sock $200 away in savings.  Since my dad is retired military, I have access to USAA, so I opened a savings account there, and began the goal to start saving.  I did not request a debit card, so we can still transfer the money out in case of an emergency, but it's a process so I'm less likely to use it for a non emergency.

I did get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.  The insurance covered 1/2 the cost, which was amazing.  I love not being in constant pain.  My molars are still pretty sensitive, but I'm hoping over time they'll get back to normal.


Carter now takes 4-6 steps at a time and also says his name.  He will hand you want he wants and say "Cawta" over and over.  It's adorable!

Austen is recovering from RSV.  He spent 3 days at the hospital with me on the 5th floor.  Is it a bad sign when the child-life specialist and the nursing manager for the Peds floor knows you by name and says "Hey, weren't you here last month?"  I'm pretty sure the Cope kids will soon have their own room on reserve for January.  Also, this pushes out the babies circumcision another 7 weeks.  Um, let's just plan for July shall we?  So far, Carter seems to not have it.  We were sent home with a suction machine and I'm staying on top of keeping their nasal passages clear.  This post is awesome. My mom came up for a day while I was with Austen at Mckay so that Chris wouldn't miss a work meeting.  I called her and Simon wanted to talk to me.  He said "Mom, mimi is frowing a fit!  She won't let me have chips, chocowat chips, or bwonies!  She says dey are not healfy, but they ARE healfy.  We better put her in time out!"  Favorite conversation to date!  It turns out he ratted her out to everyone who would listen. Oh Simon you are my precious!

Ava is in a reading contest and doing really well. Somedays, she just isnt' into it at all, and it's a real battle, but others she chants 'I'M IN IT TO WIN IT!"  I've been trying to keep her motivated through.........bribes.  Yep. Bribes.  Every 60 minutes she gets a prize from the prize box.  The prizes come from the target $1 bin.  I got 25 rub on tattoos for a dollar. Every hour gets a tat.  Or, a small pacakage of markers...etc.  Every 1000 hours is a date with me or Chris.  We are almost to 2500 minutes.  Today I plan to hit 360 minutes, because no one made sure to read with her for the time I was at the hospital. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!! So much time to make up for.  We are 60 minutes down...300 to go and it's 12:30.  You're reading this going "you're insane. good luck. ya right. but listen. we're going to do it!

I'm hoping to go to St George in 12 days. Chris is still on the fence about the whole idea.  I really need some sunny park weather.

now that it's February, I need to start using my camera again.  I had my month of January whatever it is that January does to's time to start preparing for Spring. 

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