Friday, February 22, 2013

St George for President's Day

I'm excited to report that we did make the trip to St George for Presidents Day Weekend.  Ava had Monday and Tuesday off, so chris took some PTO and we stayed an extra day :)  I am so glad that we did too, because that meant we could squeeze in more time with the sun and red rock and the amazing in-laws I have.  We left Friday night.  I picked up Chris at work, and we headed south.  It took about 5 hours, because of traffic and the babies required a stop 1/2 way through the trip.  They weren't sure that a road trip was the best idea.  But, they loved every moment of St George.  Austen learned to stand on his own and has started attempting more and more to stand up by himself and even has tried to balance.  I am confident he will be walking by Easter. 
Saturday, Simon Chris and Dave went out for some "boy time."  Simon passed out in the first 5 minutes of their drive, so Chris carried him around Best Buy and then they went to sportsman warehouse, where PaPa bought him a fun air pressure foam ball gun.  Meanwhile, Ava, Granni, the twins and I went for an hour long walk around the subdivision to enjoy the sun and gorgeous weather.  The babies snuggled in their stroller and their new MINKY THING 1 THING 2 blankies.  Heavenly!  Sandi bought them for them as a fun present.  <3  Then, the tv had some technical issues, so Chris and Papa went to work fixing it, while Granni and I hit the outlets with all 4 kids.  We got some pants for Simon at Oshgosh and then browsed 2 other stores, before we realized we were way too tired to be shopping with 4 kids.  So, we went home, made dinner, had hot tub time and then watched Wreck it Ralph. 
Sunday, we went to 9am church and were packed in like little sardines.  It was wild.  When we got home, Ava and I did some reading on the driveway, because it was gorgeous, and warm and heaven.  Dave made a great brunch, and we had pancakes, bacon and eggs and met Briley.  Briley and her parents, Mike and Ashley, had shown up late Saturday night.  They invited Ava to go on a racing trip with them.  Chris and Dave went along. Ava had a blast.  The three boys took turns napping, and we got some fun one-on-one time with each nugget.  Dave grilled this amazing chicken for dinner.  It's making my mouth water just remembering it.  And we had his famous salsa.  Briley joined us for more reading time.  She even read a few chapters to Ava.  She and Ava colored while I finished Goofball Mystery. 
Monday...Ava was invited to go racing again, but decided to stay and hang with her Granni.  Chris and I went on a major grocery expedition.  We bought enough hamburgers for all of st George, and they were delicious!  We took the kids to feed the ducks, who were too full from all of the holiday visitors to even want our duck food. The kids played in the sand for an hour, and Austen had his first time in a real swingset swing.  He was a total fan!  Carter napped. He was not impressed.  ;)  They both had a good helping of sand, which we decided to chase with some Menchies.  mmmm soooooooooo delicious.  It was more hot tub time after dinner and reading.  Granni and Ava took turns reading together. Yay for one-on-one time.  Uncle Jeff taught Simon a song "Talkin about boogers" which sent Simon laughing hysterically for over an hour.  Simon added a few verses "Talkin about poopies." Talking about faarrrrrrrrrrrrts" mostly anything inappropriate and then burst into giggles over and over.  It was pretty hysterical.
Tuesday, Chris went shooting with Jeff, Jon, and Papa.  Simon insisted we stay inside and play cars on the hotwheels track.  I did laundry and started cleaning up to pack.  We decided to go to Snow Canyon when the boys got back.  We went for a shot little walk and had a great time.  Simon climbed two rocks before climbing into Austen's part of the stroller and passing out.  Ava climbed some slick rock.  It was the perfect amount of adventure for them, but I could have stayed all day.  Austen preferred dad's shoulders or Granni's arms for a view of Snow Canyon. Can't say that I blame him at all.  Carter slept through it all. Again, not impressed ;) 
I was so sad to leave.  I wanted to stay later, but there was a winter storm warning.  I miss it and my inlaws.  They were so great to my kids.  The sun and air was just soothing.  The scenery is unlike any thing else.  I love it there.  It's worth the two hours of screaming babies for sure! :)

As for Ava's reading contest.  We ended with over 5700 minutes logged and $200 in sponsor donations.  I haven't found out yet, if she was top reader for her class, but I know her school did come in 1st place, and will be visited by a Jazz Player on the 28th.  Fun!

Phew. Update complete.

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