Monday, December 29, 2008

birthday festivities

So today Ava and I spent the morning crying--I was busy this morning with work and she was very sad about that! We then dried the tears and got to wrestling, which led to many giggles, breaking my glasses---again, and Ava saying for the first time, "I love you!"
We then picked up Ashwey, and had her come play for a bit. Ava finally fell asleep on our way home from dropping Ash at Old Navy for her pitiful 3 hour shift--seriously Old Navy? We woke Aves at 6:15 to wisk her off to a family dinner at Chuck-a-rama in Ogden. Papa, Granni, Becca, Ravis, Nat, Aaron, Scott Min & the boys as Aves so lovingly calls them. We sat next to an intersting family--think Orange County choppers--It was so much fun! Ava opened some presents--a new dress up set--complete with PRINCESS SHOES! She also got these cool re-colorable pages. It's like laminated color pages that can be cleaned and re-done over and over and over.
When we got home, Ava asked to watch Ice Age, and Chris and I tried to clean. Chris actually succeeded, and I .... well...lost the battle--and possibly the war on the living room. *despair* Aves unrolled her princess tunnel-her gift from Chris and me and LOVES it. She immediately requested my presence in the tunnel. Love for a child-its the only thing that could get me to even THINK about putting my pregnant-or otherwise-self into a kid tunnel. I didn't last long, but I did make the effort. She laughed as we pretended to nap. Then, it was daddy's turn. Now, she is playing store keeper, and selling us Chicken noo-noos, Hot Dogs and lemonaide. I'm pretty sure she's raising funds for a new set of crayons. :) Well it's past 10, and she's still running around.

Two is officially here! I'm excited, terrified, and loving every moment of being this chica's momma.

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