Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Since failing my first GD test, and dreading my 15 hour 3 blood draw test coming up this week, I decided I would cut back on my sugar intake. The nurse at my dr office laughed and said "well, don't like...eat 3 cookies the night before, but nothing drastic should change." to which I thought...is it legal to eat oreos in quantities less than 4 per sitting? Seriously. Even as a kid, it was always 4 cookies for the snack. I'm not sure how to stop at 1. Hilary made some delicious cookies the other day and sent them over with Lana. Chris got 2, Ava got 1...and momma definitely ate the rest. So, today about 11, the need hits. I have to have something sweet. chocolaty. cadbury. But, no, I tell myself. I can go without. I caved about 3:30...ran into winegars and bought the Cadbury solid chocolate balls-the Christmas version of the mini egg. GLORIA! The problem, you see, with denying your body of something it craves, is that one (I) tend to then over indulge. Ava, thankfully, took a handful of these drops from heaven and I proceeded to eat 1/2 the bag in a matter of mere moments. UGH! My body is now happy--excluding, of course, my stomach which isn't too thrilled with the sugar overload. Had I caved at the first craving...I could have easily stopped at 5 or 6...a small sampling... let this be known, deny our body and it will take its revenge...and it won't be pretty.


Amanda said...

When I first read this I thought you said you had failed your first GED test and I thought... sad, I'm pretty sure she graduated high school-- you should be able to pass a GED test if you graduated high school. I think I've been in Philly for too long :) Anyway-- boo on denying chocolate. It's not good to deny yourself things. ESPECIALLY when you are preggers. I give you full permission to eat as many oreos as you like. Double stuf even. However, when you are admitted for Gestational Diabetes, please do not send me your hospital bill :) Hope all is well.

Bilary said...

I agree - you can't eat Oreos in small servings. No way! I don't blame you for caving and getting a bunch of candy that sounded good to you. I'm glad you ate it! I'm not glad that it made your stomach upset, but it was worth it, right?

Never deny yourself chocolate! That is why I don't diet. It would backfire fast!

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