Monday, December 1, 2008

basement tips
So-when Chris's semester ends in 2 weeks--we are going to race to finish an office area for him to have next semester. He is going to finish the electrical himself--since he's learned how to through his classes--and we have the insulation just sitting in the garage waiting to be thrown up.

The part that scares me? DRYWALL. I've heard nightmare stories about the mudding/taping process of the drywall. For anyone with tips, experience, a willingness to donate their body and time to helping us--or any referrals to a seasoned dry-waller who takes on smaller jobs, and isn't going to give me an estimate that is sure to throw me into hysterical laughter would be so appreciated.


donuts, pizza, other various bribary items will be provided to those who would come out to help. This is pretty much my gift to Chris for Christmas/ I'm not above begging.


Mary said...

That will be nice when it is done. My father-inlaw would do it for you he is very good. he does all kinds of things and is very good at it. just let me know and I will talk to him for you.

Blake said...

Kira's dad did drywall so maybe you can use that connection for tips or even help. Good luck with the basement!

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