Sunday, July 12, 2009

carson & dave engagements

My college roomie, Carson, is getting remarried this September 26th to her beau, David. I had the honor of spending today with them shooting some engagement photos. It was blistering hot and totally bright sun the entire shoot--overcast just before and right after, as luck would have it. We endured about 2 hours of pictures and the above are a few of my favs. I am a fan of b&w and sephia tones. Cars and Dave are so fun together and really do compliment one another in everyway.
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Ashley said...

You took awesome pictures...I love the ones you took in the pavillion...were those in Provo Canyon??? The area looked familiar to me...well good job they are awesome...oh and I'm with you I like Black and White and sepia best too...

Carson said...

I heart b&w and sepia all the way. We're getting married in Provo Canyon, but the pics were done at this park down by Wal-Mart.

Deb, thanks so much you did an amazing job! And thanks for saying how awesome Dave and I are together.