Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ok listen up fellow bloggers. What is this no updating of the blogs? I have nothing to read. i don't want to read about random people's lives...I want to read and know every single detail of YOUR life. DUH! Hence joinging the blog world. So, enough of this 3 weeks sans blogging. BLOG. Because I'm a mother of 2 and need a way to escape and gosh darn it ....that way is YOU.

thank you .


Phil and Cami said...

I just updated! But I don't think you're a reader of my blog. So if you want to be send me an email
~Cami (you know, you're old roomie!)

Mary said...

I hear ya I love to read the blogs when they are updated. I know I need to update mine but nothing has been going on latley.

Blake said...

I havent gone three weeks but im slacking. I will update right now so you can read in a little bit!