Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 day and 2 nights down...

So chris left for Vegas Wednesday afternoon for a 4 day defcon conference. It's now Thursday about 10:40pm and I am happy to report that we are all still alive and mostly sane. My sister, KK, came up for a couple of days to help me with the kids while Chris is gone. She goes back home tomorrow, leaving me with Friday, Saturday and Sunday to live through. PRAY.FOR.US.
It really hasn't been nearly as bad as it could be. For 1, Ava hasn't really noticed that daddy is gone. I mean, she is different, and seems to realize that something is different, but hasn't put together that daddy's been missing for 36 hours. I tell you what man, when that clock hits 6pm, and there's no daddy coming through the door, I sure as heck notice! I knew that I relied on that break...but never really realized just how MUCH I do.
Today, after work, Audrey Seidel came over and tended Ava while KK and I worked on a surprise for Chris. *note--she is AMAZING. She kept Ava and Alena from yelling at eachother...which is major for 2 two year olds and the coveted princess dolls being in the same space. I give her 5 stars and will be using her again.* I'm not really sure if we won, or the job we were tackling did. I think it may have been a tie, because I can't really move. and it's not really done. but it's definately mostly done. Oh that I had the energy of my 2 year old daughter. I have 3 suprises that I want to have ready for him...and I'm hoping I get to all of them. We'll see how it goes. Ty.le.nol. As for now, I'm happy to report that my basement shower has a door (after....1-2-3...4? sad. 4 months) and a mirror. Makes a world of difference I tell ya! brain. shutting. down. body. aching. must.sleep

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Mary said...

That is tuff to have your husband gone. THanks for letting Alena come and play she had so much fun we will have to do that more often just the two of them.