Friday, November 16, 2012

day one

Well, despite the universe trying to thwart my visit to my midwife, a dear friend came through, and took my kids.  I went in and opened up. oh that's a bad pun.  Anyway.  Physically everything seemed to check out great.  I told him about the anxiety issues I've had...the panic attacks that have been increasing, and he prescribed me two things. 1. Xanex for when the attacks hit and for nights when everyone else can sleep, but i'm wandering the halls like a zombie.  2. the other is a every day pill that should help.  I am meeting with him again in a month to report on how it's helping.

So far,

I'm tired. Foggy. But mostly, tired.  I'm being told this is normal . Just thought I should write it down.  I was freezing most of the day.  It's almost time to take today's dose.  I haven't been anxious though.  which is nice.

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