Thursday, November 29, 2012

My last 1st Birthdays

I went to the store on the 27th, and stood in the baking asile staring at candles.  So many different kinds. Colored flames, singing flames, polka dot, striped, star, Cars, numerical.  So many options.  I couldn't possible choose.  This moment can't really be happening tomorrow.  My babies, my last babies are turning one.  I suddenly realized that I was crying.  I was standing in aisle 8 of the grocery store in basketball shorts, a sweatshirt and messy bun with tears running down my face.  I was completely over come with a sweet sadness.  I grabbed a cake mix, a jar of cream cheese frosting and headed for the check out.  It's amazing that we've gotten this far.  These little boys endured so much before even making it into the world, and then spent the longest 2 weeks of my life fighting to stay.  They overcame TTTS, sepsis, pnumonia, PDA and FISD.  They are incredibly happy and loving kiddos.  
I wanted to keep this party simple.  I loved that so many of our dear friends and family were able to join us for this moment.  Here are some of my favorites from last night.


Carter *Saucy Boy* loved the cupcakes

Austen *Aussie Boy* was a huge fan of his cake

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