Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Wednesday, Val flew in from Portland. Her flight came in at 10am. And by 10:30 I still couldn't find her in the airport...and realized that I couldn't remember her phone number. I had her paged haha so fun! Note to self--devise a plan for these things. She'd been outside thinking I'd just do the passenger pick up thing since she didn't have luggage. It was so awesome to see her. She loved loved LOVED the mountains. Too bad the air was so thick and dirty that the view was severely tainted. Anyway...we went home to drop things off and headed to the smart style to get our hair done. Hers turned out awesome. red with some blonde highlights...and we'll not talk about mine. I'll only say that the whole experience has cured me of paying $80 on my hair. Ava was so good the whole time. She was tired, but didn't throw a huge fit or anything. I was very proud of her. She passed out on the way home and stayed out for about 3 hours.
Madison came over about 3-so that her mom could go to her dr. appointment. Val and I made brownies with caramel and pb layers mmmmmmmm they were SO ridiculously awesome. Then, we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that were equally amazing. I love Val's baking. We went out for dinner-since Val is a vegetarian, and I can't seem to create dinner without using chicken. :) We got SUSHI! We went to this great place in Ogden. The enviornment was awesome, but for being the only people in the restaraunt, it took forever. I realized that for me to enjoy sushi, the salmon must be smoked, because completely raw makes me gag. This was my 2nd sushi adventure in my lifetime. The kind Chris got--vegas? was really awesome. The cost wasn't too bad either for 4 of us to eat.
Thursday we got up and made pinapple stuffing and yummy yams. We then took the super long way to Salt Lake through the Canyon so that Val could see the mountains. It took us like over an hour, but it was great. We had dinner with my family and had a fabulous time. While perusing the Black Friday ad I noticed that Shopko was open till 8pm that night and had a 40 peice Mr*Mrs Potato head set for $9.99. Can we say SCORE? It's usually like $40 --insane. So I ran out and bought it right then. Friday morning we took Val to the airport and dropped her in time to literally RUN to her gate and just barely make her plane. I'm great at goodbyes. We then drove straight to St. George to spend the rest of the weekend with Chris's family. I'd been in St George for about 10 minutes when I started crying like a 5 year old that my best friend was gone. I'm not sure why it took so long to hit me, but it did. Pie dulled the pain fairly well.

I'd have to say that the "sales" really disappointed me this year. Nothing seemed a good deal. I'm a really picky shopper of steals I guess...but hello, there's no reason for a wagon to be $100, or a copy of the wizard of oz to be $60-as Hilary informed me today. WHAT THE CRAP?

I will say, it was awesome to make the trip to St George for only $30 each way for gas. Yeay for it only being less than $20 to fill my Saturn.

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