Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Authored by my love-Amanda Knickerbocker

Status Quo

I was making my bed tonight (OK, so it doesn't always get done first thing in the morning...) and I thought about the process we went through to purchase our bedding. Don't worry, I have a point here.

We wanted a bedding set like you see in the magazines... a big duvet that you can sink into, with a n
ice, light throw blanket, gracefully, naturally laying across the bed with perfect placement. We wanted pillows upon pillows, so that half the bed was covered in them (So, really, I wanted pillows, Pete thinks they are pointless).

A newly remodeled and revamped selection of ba...

We started the journey at Restoration Hardware-- not to purchase, 'cause we all know I can't afford it, but to get some good ideas. Of course, I found the perfect set. I asked the sales associate how they get it to look so good and, {HERE'S MY POINT} she said that they use two duvets inside one duvet cover to get it to look fluffy.

Seriously? Now, I have known for years that clothing stores use pins to help
fit the clothes to the mannequins. And we all know that the idea of a 16 hour lip-stick is right up there with science fiction. So yeah, we know that we hardly ever purchase what we see. But two duvets inside one cover?

Is it just me or does it seem like more and more we (I'm using a generic "we" intended to include mostly moms, but I know that's a stereotype, so I'm over it) are faced with a pressure to appear perfect? Is it not enough that our clothes are frumpy and our make-up smears? We buy gym memberships and attend play dates. We cook from scratch (haha) and cut coupons. We attempt to clean our houses, only to learn that the products we are using are not "green" enough. And now, we can't even make our beds and live up to expectations.

So here's to breaking through the status quo. Here's to not caring if I have to feed my family Hamburger Helper so that I can have the time to take a shower. Here's to having an unfluffy bed and clothes that don't really fit. Because you know what? I'm doing the best I can-- and so are you. That should be enough. And it IS enough.

But only if we'll let it be

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daiseymae said...

I'm okay to let it be. Only I really do have two down comforters (he he he) my only problem is...I don't even have one cover. I have a Queen size qnd a King size and love them both.

We actually bought Alex a king size for Christmas and Kirsti one for her birthday (which is not till next week so don't tell) We got a stellar deal on a king size with two pillows from Overstock. I can give you the info if you want to get the same one. Last I checked they still had them all sizes are the same waesome price and you are wanting them for the puffy look, buying two os these would still be cheaper than buying one from any store around here. Let me know if you want the info.

BTW I would LOVE your Kitchenaid. Have wanted one for years and haven't been able to swing it. every tume I save up... something comes up. Thanks!!!

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